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Dynast and his experiment with Hardik Patel, Kannaya Kumar, Alpesh Thakur, Vignesh Bemani and more

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What really went wrong with Raghul Gandhi and the congress party besides the proven fact that the dynast is unfit, unwise and un-teachable in politics would, the answer lead us to a strange situation. The strange situation is that the dynast and congress party always wants to shoot its gun over the shoulder of others and hence the congress party was focusing more upon developing others as its leader so that the dynast can travel on their back than developing talent, decency and merit in him.

As soon as the anti-India, break India slogans erupted out from JNU, the dynast and his party members used such opportunity to destabilize the mission of development and sab ka vikas initiatives of PM Modi and join the group and then supported them. Then the dynast wants to develop Kannaya Kumar a leader to shoot his gun at PM Modi over the shoulder of Kannaya Kumar. When Hardik Patel raised his voice for reservation for Patel community, immediately the dynast took a loud speaker over the mouth of Hardik Patel to make his voice loud with the hope that he might get the much needed leader in Hardik Patel to fight PM Modi.

When Rohit Vemula committed suicide, the dynast along with other tukde tukde gangs took all their materials to put up a camp in Hyderabad to harvest some political capital out of the suicide of Rohit Bemula and target the then HRD minister Smriti Irani. Then the dynast turned his focus on Alpesh Thakur and Vignesh Bemani with the hope whether he can groom any one of them to fight PM Modi.

The dynast tried another dynast in UP, Akilesh Yadav to defeat PM Modi, but such calculation turns out be a disaster for both SP and congress party. Finally the dynast of congress party landed up in Bihar and joined hands with the son of Lalu Yaday who is in jail for corruption case, Tejeswi Yadav.

If we carefully look at the political journey of the dynast –Raghul Gandhi, he was making everyone in the street to be his leader to fight PM Modi. The interesting aspect is that till date the dynast could not explain to people of India why he wants to defeat PM Modi, an honest leader, delivering transparent, development centric governance, dedicated for sab ka vikas, corruption and scam free administration, free from nepotism and dynastic culture. However the dynast was so adamant that he wants to defeat PM Modi.

How the wise Indians would join such an unwise dynast and would defeat PM Modi and defeat India. This was the reason why the dynast lost the recent parliament election.


Further the dynast could not also explain to Indians what he proposes to offer to India after defeating PM Modi? At best the dynast can only offer a government that will be full of corruption, dynastic culture, nepotism, policy paralysis, regional parties pulling the government to different directions and finally the accidental prime minister would yell to the nation that he was under coalition compulsion.

If the dynast and congress party ever worked to develop own leader than trying with Hardik Patel, Vignesh Bemani, Alpesh Thakur, Kannaya Kumar or other tukde tukde gangs, congress party would have been a little more relevant today. But the old guards looks like have unilaterally scripted a story of Devonian era, made the dynast to act the script to fail and become irrelevant.

The dynast has only one agenda i.e., defeat PM Modi? Why he wants to defeat PM Modi, the dynast does not have any reason except the fact that he alone is entitled to become Prime Minister of India and it is his birth right. Instead of developing leadership traits in him, he was taking lottery and was betting on several mushrooms in Indian politics to challenge PM Modi.


The shocking fact is that even today the dynast behaves the same way, does the same old politics of negativity and hatred, blaming people of India and government institutions for his defeat, fear mongering among minority community etc. He has started as the soul saviour of democracy, secularism and then started to play soft Hindutwa card, tried to show his Brahmin identity, Siva bhakti etc. Post defeat, he is confused so badly as whether he should peddle soft Hindutwa card or act as maestro of secularism and democracy. No day in future, the dynast can ever act the role of anti-corruption crusader, against nepotism and dynastic culture.

People should offer their unconditional support to PM Modi to develop India and achieve sab ka vikas. Let us end dynastic politics, nepotism and corruption by defeating all tukde tukde gangs and congress party.

S Ranganathan

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