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Save the saviours

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So now saviours start protesting for their safety. This news totally downcasted me from past two days.

Attack on a young junior doctor in NRS hospital West Bengal. A doctor who was doing his rounds just like every other day got his skull fractured by goons just because one patient died in their hospital.

This is so cruel. A young man who was about to save lives was near to death in his own hospital. 200 people attacking doctors cannot be justified by anything.

Now I hear people saying doctors can go and save lives instead of protesting. Can you imagine how medical aspirants lead their life? From the age of 16 they start focusing just in their studies instead they could enjoy like any other teenagers.

Once a student aspires to become a doctor he dedicates his life to it. He will be studying half of life where to incise the wound and where they shouldn’t cut. We accept our surgical scrubs as our skin and Hospital as our home. We leave our family, friends, relatives, functions ,festivals, parties, and all other social engagements.

One night we get a call about a critical stage of patient, we run in mid night just to save a patient life even after our 48 hours shift. We completely give our life in saving patients life besides his caste, race, religion or gender.

If a patient dies, everyone blames the doctors without a second thought. Doctor always tries to do his level best or more than it. He can stretch to any extent just to save a life of his patient.

Have you ever heard of post operation trauma? Not just the patients but most doctors go through this trauma when they cannot save a life even by doing every possible thing they could. A doctor never forgets how he lost his patient, he worries about his patients more than their own families or even themselves. Being doctor isn’t a easy job you need to have a courage of Saint where you can leave everything & just focus on your work.

You never know what he is going through. Remember doctor tries to save his patient no matter how worse their situation may be.

Of course doctors aren’t god but they are courageous fierce people who could leave anything just to save your life.

When you attack a doctor you are not just attacking a single person. It’s an attack on hope, trust, sacrifice, comprises we made all our lives just to be there in hospital.

You attacked one among us, definitely it made us outraged. We need justice to our fellow human, we need safety. Till then you find doctors protesting and none gonna hold a scalpel and operate.

We want government to look after this sensitive issue and do the needful ASAP.

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