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Non-Cooperation Movement (1920-1922)

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I am Pulkit Kaul who likes to do different thing in life. From Doraemon cartoon I just to watch complicated International affairs. I love to express myself and I am not a person who will be loved by mainstream media

Many nationalist leaders were planning to launch nation-wide campaign to gain independence from British while Muslim classes had other plans. The Muslims living in India were aggravated and their apprehensions about harsh treaty to be imposed on defeated Ottomon empire was fast becoming a reality. British defeated Axis powers and the Islamic Turkey was also among-st the losers.

So the Muslims started Khilafat movement. Its demand were- Turkish Khalifa Sultan must retain control over Muslim holy places and he must be left with sufficient territories to defend Islamic faith and Jaziarat-ul-Arab (Arabia, Syria, Iraq and Palestine) must remain under Muslim suzerainty. The Ali brothers (not Muhammad Ali Jinnah) led the Muslim masses and their demands for only concentrated on Khalifa! While super non-violent Gandhi mixed Khilafat and Non-Cooperation movement and asked Congress leaders to raise voice in favour of Turkey. Was the fight for Turkey or India?

Also the Muslim leaders were not at all interested in protesting against Jallianwala Bagh massacre and wanted Congress to protect Islamic interests. Hindu Mahasabha by Malvaiya was revived in 1923 and former Congress worker Hegdewar started RSS in Nagpur,1925. The general Muslim aloofness for Freedom Struggle often led to communal tensions. However many poor Hindu peasant minds got diverted towards exploitation by zamindars and British rule and were not interested in carrying communal conflict forever.

I agree that many elites with Hindu names betrayed India. But the false concept implanted by secular historians that Muslims fought for freedom is absolutely wrong. Muslims were happy with British rulers but they cannot tolerate a democratically elected Hindu. That is why they demanded Pakistan. Even today they vote for party which gives maximum Iftaar parties!

Link on Khilafat movement-

Khilafat Movement 1919-20

It’s a well known fact that Gandhi mixed Non cooperation movement and Khilafat movement. Muslim parties were more excited about Khilafat of Turkey than Indian independence.

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I am Pulkit Kaul who likes to do different thing in life. From Doraemon cartoon I just to watch complicated International affairs. I love to express myself and I am not a person who will be loved by mainstream media

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