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Does Twitter blackmail you for mobile number?

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For the last few years, many people have reported Twitter’s unfair policies. Be it change in followers count, account suspension, visibility of post of certain accounts. There is one more area where Twitter’s policy is questionable. Recently, I made 3 different twitter accounts using different email accounts (Twitter allows you to create an account using either email or mobile).

While I was switching between the old and new account in the mobile app, twitter locked my new account citing “unusual behavior” from the account.

Next time, I used the incognito browser mode to create another account. I posted one sample tweet and followed two handles. There was nothing unusual. Within a few minutes, it got locked.

The third time, I used a different browser (firefox. Normally, I used chrome for browsing) from the laptop and created one more account. This time I did nothing and just waited for a few minutes. Surprisingly, account again got locked for no reason.

Every time, It shows the same message demanding mobile number to unlock the account. If they need a mobile number, what is the point of giving the option to use an email address for sign up?

I did google search, and it appears many people have reported the same observation. A new person without a mobile number cannot create an account. A sophisticated way to ask for a mobile number.

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