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Why we need S400 and why Pakistan should fear this

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“No country in the world is facing the kind of grave threat that India is”. These are the words of Chief of Air Force B S Dhanoa. We as a country are in a alarming shape right now. Previous regime hasn’t done much to improve that situation. We have at least 245 old mig21 which were needed to be replaced a decade ago. With 36 Rafale planes are coming to India from September 2019 and India is yet to finalize 110 fighter jets deal; we headed for a deterrent named as S400 air defence system. It is largely feared in the West as it is able to bring down the most advanced fighter jet of the world, the American F35. However USA is lobbying to somehow cancel the deal and make India buy their incoherent THAAD MISSILE DEFENCE SYSTEM which is in no match to the S400.

S400 triumph missile defence system taking position

India had inked the $5.43 billion (Rs 40,000 crore) contract for the S-400 systems with Russia on October 5 last year.It would significantly deter the south Asia region and for a fact that if  it is deployed near the border with Pakistan, a S-400 battery can shoot down a hostile F-16 fighter or cruise missile much before it even comes anywhere near the Indian airspace during hostilities. The highly automated and mobile S-400 systems, with their associated battle-management system of command posts and launchers, long-range acquisition and engagement radars, and all-terrain transporter-erector-launcher vehicles, have four different kinds of missiles with strike ranges from 120-km to 380-km. It gives India a sheer advantage in the mountainous terrain. This defence system can even intercept intermediate ballistic missiles with a velocity of 4800 metre per second. It is in every way second to none.

It is for sure that it would one be the greatest weapon to join the Indian army. But with the threats of US sanctions, can India survive the conquest of diplomacy? Delivery starts in October 2020 with no delay and all batteries will be delivered until April 2023. But  there are  some serious loopholes which continue to persist in the IAF.

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