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When victory tastes sour to DMK, message for AIADMK and cheerleader role for others

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Unfortunately some people in Tamil Nadu, the land of great spiritual awakening, land of Tiruvalluvar, Muthuramalingam Thevar, Sambandar has defeated the glory and spiritual essence of the state by defeating the truth, honesty, corruption free governance, governance devoted for sab ka vikas of Modi and have elected a baggage full of corruption and scam allegations, negative politics and politics of lies and dynastic rule.

A well-organized negative campaign was conducted by several sapling groups of DMK against Modi and although DMK has won the election but defeated Tamil Nadu. The support given by people of Tamil Nadu to AIADMK to continue in power proves that still some space and hope is there for truth and honesty in Tamil Nadu.

The most interesting aspect is the sorrow and gory of the winner DMK in the state. DMK has won the parliamentary election but could not get power in the state. It looks like the DMK candidates poured money like anything to come to power with the hope of a coalition government at the centre and with considerable number of seats in parliament, DMK can hard bargain and can also dismantle the AIADMK government in the state. Perhaps this hope would have made the DMK candidates to invest heavily, hoping the harvest would good. DMK is out of power for nearly 10 years and only when they invest heavily this time, they can reap the harvest, but terribly their politics gone wrong. Neither the dream of DMK for a coalition government and fractured mandate at the centre had happened nor could DMK win considerable number of seats to form government in the state.

The victory of DMK appears to taste sour and bitter than sweet. The mandate given by people of Tamil Nadu to DMK will any way go waste for the state and people would soon realize that they have wasted their vote and defeated the state.

India is a large country and Hindu dharma is full of truth, spirituality and progress. Therefore Indians voted Modi with massive majority to save India from such divisive gangs and gangs that promote corruption, nepotism and dynastic politics.

The message for AIADMK and its alliance partners are clear.  If they stay together for the cause of people without cutting each other’s feet until next assembly election, they can easily win the heart of people. All the alliance parties of AIADMK must stay together, speak in one voice and must educate the people of Tamil Nadu about the exemplary governance of Modi and BJP and the importance of the state to go with Modi than with congress and DMK.

The election in democracy is meant to save the country and therefore people must elect to win the state and not to defeat the state as some people of Tamil Nadu had done in this election by electing DMK alliance.

The alliance of AIADMK + BJP is meant to take the state to development and prosperity whereas the other alliance is quite divisive, meant to promote dynastic family politics, politics of corruption, violence, nepotism, caste division, anti-Hindu, anti- God sloganeering, negative politics and politics of lies.

The message for Kamal Hassan and TTV is also quite clear. At best they can remain only as cheerleaders and spoil sport and cannot become a force to govern the state. Their role can at best only defeat their very purpose and other than that they cannot achieve anything better. People should think that their vote should be to develop the state and not to defeat development and goodness. Such an effort would do no good in long run.

If all the alliance partners of AIADMK remain together, speak in one voice and send clear message to people of the state that they are for the state and promote the philosophy and ethos of one India, certainly defeating DMK in the next election is quite possible.

The honest and good leadership of Modi must be promoted and popularized by all of them in Tamil Nadu and only then they can sail and win together. Tamil Nadu must first vote to save India from dynastic corrupt rule and only then Tamil Nadu can save itself. Definitely the safe India under Modi will always support good governance of AIADMK in Tamil Nadu even through some people in the state had voted to defeat the development of the state by electing DMK.

Soon the state must start to chant Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai to save the state from divisive and negative politics.

S Ranganathan

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