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Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi! You’ve failed in PR Management

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi ever since his Arangetram into Indian politics who was directly picked up by Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji and Lal Krishna Advani ji as Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001, he has been failing in his PR strategy very badly. Despite handling the communal riots of Godhra in the best way ever in the history of India, he got tagged as a mass murderer. He failed badly in branding and PR Management of Godhra. All because he didn’t pay the agencies to show what has actually happened. He has destroyed the parampara of lifafas to media and hence a very bad PR strategist.

I would be happy if you learn this from Congress. Yes! You should be learning anything which is good for your party’s sustenance. Look at how congress party has managed it’s PR. It maintained a clear stance all the time. It has given the media personnel full freedom to have as much as branded alcohol they want and always took care of their travelling allowances with luxury flight tickets. NDA has miserably failed in providing minimum requirements for any media personnel, especially when abroad.

Dear PM Modi, with all due respect I say you, that you have failed to learn the art of PR Management. You’ve miserably failed in honouring those who feasted over parliament attacks. You have failed in honouring those who were hinting and helping the terrorists through media and held up the true spirit of freedom of speech. You never gave them a Padmashri despite their services to keep Indians unaware of the reality in your government and even in the previous governments. They have all managed their PR very well. You failed to recognise them with awards and hence your deterioration of PR strategy started.

You could have at least given an award to one or two media personnel who are for truth and have shown you in a good light. Despite their shouting out the truth on the television, you couldn’t hear to them. You failed miserably in PR.

I hate you for not managing your PR. Yes! I understand there is social media today and you can communicate to people directly with your Mann Ki Baat and tweets and pics on Instagram and informing to people directly on what you’re doing. But in this process of modernising the way PM communicates, you’re missing out the huge chunk of mainstream media, you’re not taking care of them as the previous governments did. Some recent digital magazines heads used to get paid as high as 30000 rupees for ranting out their frustration on lstv and rstv in the previous government’s regime and have made good sums of money venting their frustration and illogical logic. But you miserable failed to promote them and failed badly in managing your PR.

PR is an art of managing money. You should pay someone so that they don’t shout out to the public how much is being spent on PR. But you have failed in managing this money by putting it straight in an RTI on how much money is being spent for something mere like advertising. The ‘PR dalaals’ are not being provided with that scotch from Ministry of external affairs anymore. Why is it that you have stopped it. Damn! The result of that action is they have started speaking. You should keep their mouths locked with costly scotch to uphold freedom of the press.


I again advise you to please them, at least in the second term of yours and learn the art of PR Management.

Yours truly
Aam aadmi of Bharat.

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