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Colourful looks overshadow stylish politicians

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Why do our stylish politicians remain unnoticed? It may be because of the center of attention falls usually around the fair sex. Recently we have found how well-dressed women polling officers in different cities got ample attention from the media. The hype created by the coverage made them reasonably overnight celebrity suddenly. They definitely turned out to be a sensation.

They attained sufficiently more notice than the politicians in the sixth round of the ongoing general elections. Whether it was Bhopal’s lady polling officer in a blue dress or Lucknow’s polling officer in a yellow sari, both of them were complimented on their respective looks and unique dress sense. Their femaleness brought to them a certain level of delight and the lensmen took pleasant pains in bringing them to the wide viewers.

It is only at this point in time the women begin to rebuff by saying when do their bodies become a concept. The two attention-grabbing women confidently posed before the flashing cameras’ inside eyes. They were not awe-struck with an abrupt boost in their comfortable status as their social media celebrity standing was confirmed thus.

We can say this remained a different side of the electoral ambiance because of a lovely picture of trendy women spreading their beautiful dress sense and good looks. However, the elections are bringing certain specific nice spectacles by every means of modern-day faster publicity tools. The two female polling officials had enjoyed utmost media attention lately.

Is not it odd that their colorful dresses mixed with the good countenances drew far more swift attention amid the pure election atmosphere? The voting procedures used to make the politicians more humble towards the feeble voters as they try to understand the public opinion once in a five-year gap. In this angle of people-politicians’ connection, such sort of change does not baffle or perhaps purposely combine vagueness with frailty, social insight with social arrangement and opposites of male and female with rareness.

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