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Why Modi is required to win 2019

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These days India, world’s largest democracy, is going through election, a process of democracy that is called “Aam Chunav” People are excited to vote and democratic parties are excited to get vote based on different parameters set by their self to come in Power.

However Modi is the first choice for Prime Minister.

We have BJP in power, Narendra Modi is the PM who lead the government for five years, and he has done tremendous work to make India proud and developed. Now his term is about to end and as per process there is a new election.

Now Questions are,

  1. Who will be PM in 2019?
  2. Why Modi is required?
  3. What has Modi done in five years?
  4. Who deserves to be the PM?

These are questions which are being circulated in voters’ mind.

There are many parties fighting this election. Different alliance have been made to come in power with different Intention.

On one side Modi is there for country and on the other side there are Congress, TMC, RJD, SP, BSP, DMK, TDP etc alliance called Mahamilawat (Mahagathbandhan) to fight against BJP.

But question is what is intention of opposition parties? Why have they formed alliance even being different on ideological views?

Actually they are doing a politics of survival to be in power and loot the country which they have done since long.

In a democracy like India people are supreme who will give the mandate to the party to come in power.

Now question is why Modi is required:

Simple answer is thw work he has done for the country, living for the country, working for the country without taking a leave. Now world is seeing India from different view and different aspect.

He is coming from a party and he is the Person of thought “Nation First”. Here are some of his policies that changed the life of common man.

  • Make in India
  • OROP
  • Pradhan Mantri Krishi Ssinchai and Fasal Bima Yojna
  • DDU gram jyoti Yojna
  • APY
  • NPS
  • Income Declaration scheme
  • Skill development scheme
  • PM Ujjwala scheme
  • Digital India Scheme
  • Sankalp se siddhi
  • PM jeevan jyoti Bima yojna+ suraksha Bima scheme
  • PM Mudra scheme
  • PM jandhan scheme
  • Udaan
  • Indradhanush
  • Aayusman Bharat Yojna
  • PM Kisan samman Nidhi
  • Solar Charkha Mission
  • Anti Narcotics scheme
  • Green Revolution-Krishonnati Yojana
  • National Bamboo Mission
  • Khelo India School Games
  • HRIDAY – Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana
  • Sukanya Samridhi Yojana (Girl Child Prosperity Scheme) etc.

These are the list of schemes which implemented by Modi Govt for upliftment of the people of country. He is working hard and on the other side there is only ambition to get power, to loot and corruption.

They have made a Thugbandhan. People should know about these leaders which are family owned Pvt Ltd. These all are corrupts and convicted/involved in corruption.

And what about the Vision, they have only thought of getting Votebank and come in Power for politics of survival to do corruption, they have made their Manifestoes for next five years but these all are for Vote bank and cheap politics.

Starting from Congress – Congress Manifesto is talking about removing, making changes in AFSPA, against 370 35 A. Here its Explained rightly The bjp manifesto hits the right chord on Kashmir even as the muftis and Abdullahs sing a different and dangerous tune.

BJP Manifesto looks like a Vision for future where as Congress manifesto is for Votebank and cheap politics.

Here is the differences between congress and BJP manifesto 2019

The simple answer for  Who deserve to be the PM? Is Narendra Modi as what are the situation came after Pulwama, noone in the current scenario from opposition parties will be able to manage. Modi talks to people through different medium and understand the pain. Modi has a political will to act against and whatever is required. The action taken by Indian government has kept isolated Pakistan that’s the strategy and action requires to be continued.

Also, we have seen how world has changed their perspective for India. Modi is successful in keeping morale high of armed forces.

Opposition is only questioning own institution, for their own agenda and propaganda.

People have their own choice to Vote whoever they want, but for sure Narendra Modi is first Choice and going to win Election 2019 and will be PM again.

Jai Hind

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