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Stalin should explain Tamil people are Hindus or Dravidians? Historic lies of DMK

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The recent statement of Mr. Stalin, ‘the dynast president’ of DMK that DMK is not anti-Hindu party and 90% of DMK followers are Hindus has opened up the Pandora’s Box of lies.

So long DMK has been claiming and portraying the Tamil people to be of Dravidian origin and Dravidians are completely different from Aryans, otherwise called Hindus. The Dravidian lies of DMK were unmasked by eminent Tamil scholars like Maniarasan, Sakthivel and Seeman. It was to cover up the non-Tamil identity of many of its leaders, the DMK cleverly imposed Dravidian cap over Tamil to distort the history and destroy the ‘true bhakti tradition of Tamil’ people.

The Dravidian ploy was introduced by Bishop Caldwell obviously for the purpose of converting the people of the state to Christianity. To separate the people of entire south from rest of India, Caldwell brought the theory of Aryan migration. Later he realized that Hindu tradition and customs has be destroyed, only then Hinduism can be eliminated from Tamil Nadu so they started to target Brahmins as they were the one propagating and upholding the Bhakti tradition of Tamil culture, predominantly.


Politics of DMK for years mutated Tamil Nadu politics with hatred & negativity against rest of India and programmed the thinking of large section of people that they are Dravidians and not Hindus.

Further to support the cause, as it appears, of Christian missionaries, DMK was also engaged in anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Sanskrit, anti-Hindi politics and brainwashed the people that they are not part of Hinduism; they are Dravidians, a different race. Interestingly none of the other Southern states heeds to the ploy of EV Ramasamy Naicker or DMK and rejected completely but DMK was using the above ploy to achieve its political success.

DMK was always exhibiting its atheism or anti-God plank of politics only towards Hindu religion and Hindu God and always engaged in minority appeasement and dividing communities like Hindu Nadar, Christian Nadar etc., to defeat Kamarajar in Tirunalvali in late 1960’s. Even the recent speech of Stalin in a Muslim marriage function attacking the institution of marriage and customs followed by Hindus during marriage so brutally by caricaturing Hinduism to be the worst and barbaric custom is example for anti-Hindu politics of DMK.


The philosophical master of Stalin, Veeramani of Dravidar Kazhagam spewed venom against Hindu God – Lord Krishan that forced DMK to distance itself from such comments, although such retraction was seen more symbolic than sincere from the part of DMK.

Stalin also broke his Dravidian bow by pronouncing Rahul Gandhi for the post of Prime Minister of India, a self-sworn Brahmin, Hindi, Dattathreya Gotra, Siva Bhakta has raised eye brows of several people within DMK.

All the above political somersaults of Stalin has proved nothing but he is totally clueless and idea less and doesn’t seems to know how to lead the party or what to speak. Recently Stalin has admitted that DMK is not anti-Hindu and 90% of the followers of DMK are Hindus. The above explanation warrants Stalin to explain whether he admits that all Tamil people are Hindus and not Dravidians?


Then who are these Dravidians?

The above statement has clearly proved Seeman, Sakthivel and Maniarasan that Dravidian tag DMK has used more to destroy the Tamil tradition than to save the community or tradition.

The recent election campaign has undoubtedly proved Stalin to be a bundle of confusion, contradictions, ignorance and chameleon-ism, spreading lies and negativity.

The question is who brought this Stalin out in public. The entire credit must be given to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has made most of the liars to speak truth at least once, in this election. He made congress party to admit that it had done ‘anyay’ (injustice) over 60 years and that is why it wants to do ‘NYAY’ now.

Digvijay Sing, the congress leader who was so benevolent of Osama Jee is now promising land for building Ram temple.  Mr. Kamalnath as soon as he came to power in MP declared cow slaughter a criminal offence.

Narendra Modi finally made Stalin to say all Tamil people are Hindus and not Dravidian.

People of Tamil Nadu must vote for Modi for bringing such transformation in these politicians who were simply fooling people and minority community. Imagine a person like Stalin and DMK can be changed by PM Modi this extent means, he can certainly transform India and Tamil Nadu if he is elected back to power for second term.

Mr. E Pallanisamy has proved he is a leader of extraordinary calibre, a leader with humble origin like Kamaraj and Narendra Modi. EPS is the pride and dignity of people of the state.

Stalin become president of DMK purely due to the fact that he is son of Karunanidhi and other than that he has no appreciable merit people could see till date to lead the party. Whereas EPS is a very humble person, rose to power through hard work, commitment, sincerity and live to fulfill the dreams of MGR and Amma to poor people.

Tamil Nadu and India need the government headed by people of humble origin like EPS and Narendra Modi, they alone can understand the real problems of poor people and not those dynasts who came to power out of their birth and not through merit. 

Prosperous India, secured India, India that holds its head in dignity and pride and not in shame and allegations of scams such as 2G, Aircell-Maxis, Adarsh, CWG, Coal block allocation etc., as in the case of UPA1 and 2 where DMK was the principal partner, the continuation of EPS government in the state and Modi at the centre is inevitable. 

Among the manifestos of different political parties, Super Star Rajni Kanth appreciated the manifesto of BJP because he knows BJP alone walks the talk. Hope people of Tamil Nadu will save India and the state by electing Modi

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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