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Rahul Gandhi – ‘Pseudologia fantastica’ – pathological, compulsive, sociopath liar, save India, elect Modi

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According to English dictionary, the lie is defined as “an intentionally false statement”. If we carefully study the public gesture and speeches of Raul Vinci sorry Rahul Gandhi, one thing protrude out firmly is that he utter lies, lies and lies without any licence, gear or break. He often piggyback his political career on lies and appears to believe firmly in lying continuously without any shame or humiliation about how the people around him would view his personality and leadership style when he engages in lying.

Psychologically the liars have been defined as the following

  1. Pathological liar
  2. Compulsive liar
  3. Sociopath liar

Pathological Liar – This group of people lie in response to any stimuli because they constantly practice nothing but lying.  The proper name for such liars is ‘Pseudologia fantastica’.

The pathological liars while lying avoid eye contact and use lying as the best defence mechanism.  They love to create some element of sensation through their lie to escape from bad situation.

Look at Rahul Gandhi from the definition of pathological liar. He never develops eye contact while speaking and often use lie to defend his corrupt history. Whenever any  media person ask tough question about Robert Vadra or National Herald or his British citizenship or about other corrupt deeds of him, he immediately shot back with an incredible lie to escape from the scene. The stunning lie of the dynast would entertain the journalist and hence they bound to skip the main question.

But the interesting point is that Rahul Gandhi is also a compulsive liar. Compulsive liars always spin the lie without any element of truth and bound to trip over own words. Rahul Gandhi appears to suffer from both habitual and narcissistic liar syndrome.

Rahul Gandhi is so profound about his dynasty and so cynical about the humble and poor origin of Narendra Modi. In fact he is so narcissistic about his dynasty, appears to feel he alone have the entitlement to rule India. Therefore he engages in habitual lying. 

The most striking paradox is that Rahul Gandhi is also a sociopath liar. 

Sociopath liars are very dangerous people and are difficult to contain. The sociopath liars lack empathy and do not bother about the negative consequences or harm their lie can do to the society or country.

The lies of Rahul Gandhi about PM Modi reveal more about the personality disorder of Rahul Gandhi than Modi. Not just people of India, entire world believes in the impeccable integrity of Modi, his personal commitment to honesty and straightforwardness, commitment towards developing the country, fight against corruption, nepotism and dynastic politics. Therefore how much ever lies the dynast utters, he is not going to be believed but instead people would watch him more as an entertainer. 

It looks like the congress party purposefully wants to make Rahul Gandhi a big joker so he can be used just to hold the party together and when it comes to run the government, the congress men can steal the show as the dynast is stupid pathological, compulsive, sociopath liar.

Congress can adopt such stand but can India entertain such personality disordered person to lead the country?

Can this stupid pathological, compulsive, sociopath liar be a match for Narendra Modi, the embodiment of honesty, integrity, commitment, patriotism and a leader who carries the agenda of development, national security and sab ka vikas so deeply in his heart?

Do Indians want an honest Modiji or a stupid pathological, compulsive, sociopath liar?

He apologises in court for his statement on Chowkidar Chor and then repeats it, which reflects nothing but his low self-esteem, porous credibility and personality disorder.

Congress is a sick political party and therefore it can afford to have Raghul Gandhi as its supreme leader. But how can India that has produced Sir CV Raman, JC Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Rama Krishna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, Tiruvalluvar, Gandhi and finally the great leader like Modiji can afford to have such stupid pathological, compulsive, sociopath liar to lead the nation?

Lie can be eliminated only by defeating and not by celebrating or sensationalizing either the lie or the liar.

Lie, corruption, the punkah coolies of the dynast, dynastic politics, corruption, scam, nepotism, tukde tukde gangs are waiting to swallow the agenda of development, national security and sab ka vikas of PM Modi. These groups would destroy India totally and completely if a toe holds space is given to them. Therefore people of India must excise great caution and responsibility while voting because every single vote for Modi alone can save India from such greedy gang.

Eliminate stupid pathological, compulsive, sociopath liar from Indian politics and re-instate the good and honest governance of Modi and save India.

PM Modi has achieved several landmark reforms and has taken India to new heights. India needs a stable and durable government and decisive leader- Modi to lead and not the stupid pathological, compulsive, sociopath liar.

Let us pledge in the name of Bharat Mata, we will save India by electing Modi with landslide margin.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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