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Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) – all about the scheme & its benefits

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Prime Minister “Skill India” plan is a new initiative for the younger generation of India.This employment scheme started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to make every youth of the country financially independent. The main objective of the Prime Minister Skill Development Plan (PMKVY) is to encourage the youth and increase the skill development of today’s unemployed people. In order to develop skills in the youth of India, the Prime Minister of India has introduced the skill development plan.

The main objective of this scheme is to enable the youth to work in the country by making them capable of various tasks, so that in these opportunities, I can make mypreferred India with the help of that path. The youth will be trained in the technical sector under this scheme. For Indian citizens, result-based means a test scheme whose goal is to test the work of Indian citizens according to their interests. To make the scheme a success, the Government of India has created a new Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Ministry.

Dear friends, want to get the Prime Minister Skill Development Plan online. Anyone sitting in the house can get online form 2019 registration online skill development plan. We  will provide information in the skill development scheme registration 2019 detail in this article. We will tell you that this kind of ease can be registered by the Prime Minister Skill Development Scheme.

Prime Minister Skill Development Plan

Under this scheme, the government wants to educate 2400000 youth of the country in different types of technical areas. There are many Talents in the country which is a criminal, but for some reason people are not reaching the people and people do not benefit from it. The scheme will be used to bring such skills and people among the people. The objective of the Prime Minister Skill Development Plan is to provide such youth with their The rate is to be encouraged to create skills.

Those who have left studies after 10th and 12th and have to collect such people who have skill, but due to lack of certificates of that skill, they have to face difficulties in finding work and getting work. And ordinary people Those people who have not yet been able to work with this scheme can develop skills in their own right by taking their skill certification or looking for their own livelihood or self. Under the Finance Minister Skill Development Plan, they will be assisted in finding work

Features of Prime Minister Skill Development Plan

  1. Providing an average monetary reward of Rs. 8000 / – per beneficiary, which will be given to the candidates during skill training.
  2. Skill Development Plan is also aimed at increasing the productivity of existing employees and certifying them according to the needs of the train and industry.
  3. Providing monetary rewards for promotion of skills and skill certification for employment potential and productivity incentive skills for youth.
  4. Under this scheme, training will be done to the standards of national leaders connected with the industry.
  5. All the kind of training done under this scheme will be done through all true life. In order to get training in different areas, various qualifications will be required and qualifications will be examined before training in any technical field.
  6. Under this scheme, such people who know the work but due to lack of certificates, they do not have the validity of the work, so they are engaged in unaided works, they can also get their certificates by increasing their skills.
  7. Under this scheme, special attention will be given especially for those who leave school after tenth XII and youth of the Eastern North and Jammu Kashmir State, because unemployed young girls come in the same way in the company of persons.
  8. Once the test is over, trained youth will be given 8000 rupees and trained certificates. The certificate will be honorable everywhere, but to get it, it will have to pass the examination to be done at the end of the training.

Benefits of Prime Minister Skill Development Plan

  1. With the help of this scheme, employment and educated youth will get an opportunity to get training in different types of work for free.
  2.  Under this scheme, certified youth will be given certificates, with the help of which they will be able to get employment in other employees in the future.
  3.  This certificate will be valid in all the states of India.
  4.  A skill center will be set up with the help of this scheme which will help the youth in fulfilling the welfare scheme in different parts of the government.
  5.  Very young people who are unemployed due to lack of skills will be enabled for various tasks.
  6. With the help of this, the government will get support from some schemes to make other plans successful, how many youth will be trained.
  7.  They will be employed in schemes. During the teaching, youth will be assisted by the expert so that the youth will get a full opportunity to clean their talents.
  8. The minimum time limit for teaching is 3 months and the maximum limit is 1 year, so training will be completed in maximum 1 year and the job will be received.

PMKVY Skills Development Plan Course List

Serial number Industry / Skills Council Number of courses / job  roles
1 Agriculture 39
2 Apparel 14
3 Motor vehicle 51
4 Beauty & Wellness 7
5 BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) 8
6 Capital goods 21
7 Construction 22
8 Electronics 11
9 Food Processing 6
10 furniture fittings 5
11 Gems & Jewelry 24
12 Green jobs 5
13 Handicrafts and carpets 100
14 Healthcare 21
15 Infrastructure 17
16 Iron and steel 36
17 IT and ITES 6
18 Leather 21
19 Life science 1
20 Logistics 18
21 Media & Entertainment 22
22 Mining 15
23 line pipe 7
24 Power industry 5
25 Retail 5
26 Rubber 20
27 Security services 2
28 Telecom 12
29 Cloth 47
30 tourism and Hospitality 4
31 Skill Council for the person with disability 6
The total 577

Prime Minister Skill Development Plan Online Application

  • Click on this website to apply online in the Prime Minister’s Skill Development Plan.
  • After clicking on this website, show a link to the Prime Minister Skill Development Plan.
  • Click on that link.
  • After clicking on the link, fill in the information asked in the application form carefully.
  • Then click the Submit button.

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