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Parrot alerts of raid by Brazilian police

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Although the parrots do not have vocal cords like their owners, they do have the anatomy required to talk. This was apparently approved when the pet parrot called out, “Mamae, policia!” meaning Mama, police! The green-colored taught parrot began warning of the police approach by the side of the alleged drug dealers’ house. The police officers were badly on a lookout for the two crack-dealing suspects including that parrot’s owner in Brazil state Piaui. The parrot was in due course seized for its offense of informing about the police raid. The police found the speaking parrot perched inside a small brick one-storey home of the two suspected crack cocaine dealers.

The detention of animals and birds were not bizarre as there were numerous instances of putting them behind the jail limits. The Brazilian drug cartels used the birds as symbols of power as well. Reuters once reported in the year 2009 that the traffickers hid drugs in crates containing venomous reptiles. Such weird cases in which animals or birds were taken into custody are available in our country too. A few tongue-tied donkeys were jailed in Uttar Pradesh. Further, one rooster was brought into the police station for pecking a girl in Madhya Pradesh.

Parrots are one of the few birds considered vocal learners meaning they can imitate sounds. Scientists have discovered how parrots talk, as they believe it’s down to the wiring in their brains. Birds like the parrot or the dove or the goose were prominently used as a messenger. It uses its whole body, its eyes and their feathers to exchange a few words’ messages. Key structural differences in the parrots’ brains explain the birds’ ability to imitate sounds and human speech. That’s why parrots mimic words properly thereby facilitating its masters learn of the furtive communication. They were supposed to have been carrying the information quickly. The parrots can be regarded as the harbinger of the wireless system.

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