Manifestoes never spoken or speak about much needed electoral reforms

After reading reports in the media related voter’s names missing, proxy voting, voter’s denied voting rights, EVM and VVPT malfunctioning and other issues, the present set up of the Election Commission functioning in the state level has to be blamed, because the state government staff are involved for all purposes of State and General election process. But, ECI and Central government are blamed by the people as well as the opposition parties, which is just functioning as financing and overseeing authority.

As ECI being constitutional body like other ones, it should have it’s own staff like AG, IT, etc wings instead of utilising the services of state government department staff for it functioning in the electoral process from General elections to Panchayat elections.

Election Commission do need special powers equivalent powers like Supreme Court has, so that, it can function far better way in the electoral process.

The ECI given the better powers can be trusted by the voters, make them believe and will use their voting rights on polling date.

Manifestoes of all the parties speak about various schemes and policies but never spoken or speak about much needed electoral reforms.

As a senior citizen do hope that, if all the registered political parties do believe in healthy democracy and our country’s federal structure will think and give better powers to ECI, which will make the voters not to evade casting vote or pressing NOTA, but they are electing a ruler, who is a Public Servant and who will not treat the voters as their servants.

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