Modi is NOT a ‘Mahatma’, but who needs one now?

As Kohli’s cricketing talent can never take away the tag of ‘master blaster’ from Sachin or for that matter, Sachin’s talent cannot take away Gavaskar’s ‘little master’ title, similarly, Gandhi’s ‘mahatma’ tag can in now way dim the halo around Sri Narendra Modi’s image.

Modi’s incorruptibility, his decisive stand, his digital connect with the people around, his oratory skills, his clean intent, his novel ideas – these are rare hallmarks of a visionary leader. Don’t just go by what might have been done – look at what has been done in so less time.

Some thinkers, afraid to call themselves from either of the two schools of thoughts, now identify themselves as Centrists (in relation to Leftists or Rightists) and write editorial pieces on agenda-driven print or online media, opposing or defaming every acceptable lacunae in a democratic government like ours. They now call the PM’s decisive stand as his autocracy, his efforts to bring in justice (denied so long) to the Hindus (little affecting the causes of the minorities around) as his divisiveness, his forward-looking defence deals as his hollow chest-thumping, his lion-like stand on security as his war-mongering attitude.

The situation becomes tough when a considerable chunk of the youth force with less time and less interest for political affairs at disposal rely on such shoddy logic to reach to an illusory conclusion.

The sycophant mainstream media quite astutely highlights every single minor flaw in the character of the Ruling Party and ascribes the blame to Modi directly. The positive stories happening across do not get either screen time or print space whereas the sycophant pens run on to project the exceptions as rules, thus fooling a certain section of people to believe an illusion.

The only thing that is perhaps working and working without fail is that a set of young minds that earlier used to shy away from political affairs have taken it upon themselves to adore politics. In Modi’s way of revamping the Indian politics, they have seen a promise that politics too can bring in positive changes to the fate of a nation when a person’s intent is clean.

Many youngsters are day by day becoming more vocal about their political affiliations using their own logic, little caring for what the mainstream media wants them to believe. Social media has come in as a boon now. The best example is how the mainstream media’s umpteen attempts to bring to the fore Modi’s dubious past (about Godhra) has failed miserably just because of the tangible changes that meet the eye since his ascendance to the PM’s chair. India is shining.

The Indian youth in charge today knows, accepts (and can even advocate if need be) that Modi is not a Mahatma, but who needs one at this juncture? What they all aspire for is a strong, self-reliant and vibrant India that the world should openly applaud. And Modi for sure has been driving them closer to their aspirational goal, with every passing day.

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