Ignored by Jammu Municipality, inspired by PM’s Swachh Bharat, Kids in Jammu install a Sign Board for Adults

For more than 3 Years the pile of garbage kept on increasing in Lane No 2 of Jammu’s Kabir Colony. Broken lane and overflowing drains provided made matters worst. Repeated complaints to Jammu Municipality provided no help. The irresponsible officer responsible told the residents to follow-up on the file submitted for repair of lane.

Garbage Pile in Locality

Meanwhile residents continued to dump the garbage in a plot without realising the menace it was creating. Frustrated by inaction of Jammu Municipality, Youth from the locality cleaned the plot with own resources pledging a cleaner locality before Maha Shivratri.

Work by a Local Resident

Residents with no help of garbage collection by municipality started throwing the garbage again on the plot. However, this time things were different. Kids from locality with no playing grounds had decided to keep the plot clean for play. To teach adults the lesson and inspired by Swachh Bharat Kids decided to put up a Sign Board for adults. This sign board with a hope that they are provided a safe & clean environment to play.

Warning for Adults – By Kids

Jammu Municipality meanwhile continue to ignore the problem. With File still moving at a snail’s pace.

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