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The Indian National Congress of conspiracy theorists

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It was just a normal day like any other when an IED laden SUV rammed into a bus killing more than 40 Indian CRPF Jawaans in Pulwama district, Jammu & Kashmir. Hailing from various parts of India, these bravehearts bade farewell to their families promising to return home soon after their last holidays. Though the Modi government’s tenure is widely regarded as one without any civilian deaths in terrorist attacks, the Pulwama attack on forces is not the first of its kind as the Pathankot and Uri wounds are still fresh in public memory. However, what completely distinguishes Pulwama from Pathonkot and Uri is the fact that post Pulwama, the entire nation from Kashmir to Kanyakumari speaks in one voice demanding revenge against the perpetrators. The public sentiment is so strong to the extent that even the opposition political parties have been forced to avoid politicising the incident and support the Modi government, that too in an election year.

The president of the principal opposition Congress party, Shri Rahul Gandhi definitely deserves to be praised for his ‘assurance’ to support the government at least on this issue after boring us for months with his Rafale broken record. Unfortunately, this assurance does not seem to have trickled down well within his party with the likes of Navjot Singh Sidhu giving a clean chit to Pakistan and his Gujarat Congress chief concocting a conspiracy theory that BJP could have staged the Pulwama attack to provide the script for a new movie.

Apart from that, many neutral journos and ‘left liberal’ intellectuals are holding the BJP responsible for Pulwama and this coterie of intellectuals want us to believe that they are not anti-BJP. Rather, they are just being critical of the ruling dispensation to ensure checks and balances to achieve the perfect democratic setup. To those who are curious about how critical were these wonderfully unbiased individuals during the decade old Congress led UPA rule from 2004 to 2014, Google would be more than willing to help you. One such Congress supporting neutral intellectual had proposed a conspiracy theory that Modi plotted the Pulwama terror attack for his electoral gains. Though she would want us to believe that she is neutral, her Congress nexus cannot be denied mainly because she had happily clicked a photo with the Congress president. For those who disagree with this photo logic, please remember that PM Modi had already been pronounced guilty of letting Nirav Modi escape because both of them were last seen in a group photo. In the case of Rahul-Sanjukta, it was not even a group photo.

When the Congress party and ‘Congress supporting neutral intellectuals’ exploit an unfortunate incident as a platform for BJP bashing, it is the right of every Indian to ask them the following questions:

  • Dear conspiracy theorists, did Rajiv Gandhi plot the murder of his blood brother, Sanjay Gandhi to induct himself into the Congress party and gain political relevance?
  • Dear conspiracy theorists, did Rajiv Gandhi plot the assasination of his own mother, Indira Gandhi, so that he could ride on the sympathy waves that followed and secure the strongest electoral mandate in the history of independent India?
  • Dear conspiracy theorists, did Sonia Gandhi plot the assasination of her beloved husband, Rajiv Gandhi to gain direct control of the Congress party, which has now been reduced to the family property of the Chinese Gandhi family?
  • Dear conspiracy theorists, did the erstwhile ruling Congress party plot a perfectly timed 26/11 attack months before the 2009 Lok Sabha election, since your logic prescribes that every terrorist attack, which happens before an election is meant to provide electoral benefits to the ruling dispensation?

If there is one thing that is more heinous than the cowardly terrorist attack in Pulwama, then it is the vulture politics over the corpse of Indian bravehearts. The ‘conspiracy theories’ about the Chinese Gandhis in this article are in no way intended to disrespect the deceased, but only to show the mirror to the hate Modi cum hate India brigade and wake up their conscience, if at all they have any.



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