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Sorry, Indian Army – We took long to recognise your sacrifices & patience

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Rakesh K
An IT Infrastructure Consultant, passionate about Indic History.

The Traitors Within
After independence, on Oct 1947, local tribes backed by Pakistan, launched an attack onto Indian soil.

Before the attack, Lt. Col. Narain was warned by the intelligence to replace the core guards with Dogra‘s in Poonch region because certain category of men within the army would support the enemy but the intelligence report was rejected, for which heavy price was paid – on the night of 22nd October 1947, Lt. Col. Narain was brutally murdered along with all the sleeping Dogra‘s of the J&K Infantry, the incoming tribesmen created havoc by looting and raping through the towns.
Uri, Poonch, Mipur, Muzaffarabad and Jhanger went into enemy hands followed by Baramula, Kargil and Gilgit.

The main reason behind their success was because locals and some within the army unit, in the name of “Moral War”, switched side to support the incoming enemy. Many towns were said to be provoked by Sheikh Abdullah. He was jailed by Raja Hari Singh for his role in “Quit Kashmir Movement”, the movement which was supported by many within Indian National Congress.


Indian Army’s Counter Attack with a Condition from Nehru
The retreating Indian army had to destroy a bridge to delay the enemy advancement toward Jammu.

Maharaja Hari Singh of J&K wanted the state to join India and asked for support. It was only on 26th October that Mt. Mountbatten mobilised the Indian army and was able to halt further entry of the enemy into the Indian State.

Acceptance of J&K to join India, came with the condition from Nehru, i.e. Sheikh Abdullah should be 1st released from Jail. The reason best known only to Nehru. Several operations took place, few failed due to lack of logistic support and poor support by the Central Government.


During “Operation Bison”, “Operation Duck” & “Operation Easy”, Indian Army recovered town like Baramula, Kargil, Uri, Keran, Skadu & by Nov 1948, the India Army was confident that within days the complete J&K would be back in India.

Nehru knew that India solders would win but still approached UN to intervene for a ceasefire. Nehru betrayed the army & broke the morale of the soldiers by rejecting the request for 2 more extra days. On the 1 Jan 1949 LoC came into effect.

Missed Opportunity by Indira Gandhi & Betrayal of Army’s Success


In the year 1971, India decided to free Bangladesh from the brutality of Pakistan. During the war a fatwa in Pakistan declared that the Bengali ‘freedom fighters’ were Hindus and their women could be taken as ‘booty of war’.

The Sunday Times, London dated 13th June 1971 titled “Genocide” mentions eye witness account that only Hindus were hunted from village to village and door to door. 30 lakh people were killed and approx. 4 lakh women were raped.

Under the guidance of Field Marshal Manekshaw, the army sprang into action and the enemy was completely shattered. Pakistan with the help of US and China wanted UN to intervene but the Indian Army was in no mood to give time to anyone and within days captured all the important post with the well-coordinated 3-sided attack. 93,000 Pakistani soldiers were declared as Prisoners of War (PoW).

The Army & Intelligence officers had put forward a plan to Indira Gandhi that 93,000 PoW to be exchanged with PoK but Indira Gandhi rejected all recommended and sent a begging message though a lady close to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to release Mujibur Rahman, a political leader from Bangladesh, whom Pakistan had captured.

Indira Gandhi not only released PoW but also signed the Shimla Agreement and agreed to unwanted conditions by Bhutto, which changed our stance that was agreed during Tashkent Declaration by Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Mujibur Rahman was released but assassinated in Dhaka. Indira Gandhi achieved nothing. This just proved that she was an inefficient leader with no strategy and vision. Hard work of the Army and Lal Bahadur Shastri was betrayed.

Blunders of poor negotiation by Manmohan Singh

Between 2005 – 2012, Manmohan Singh, had almost agreed to give up majority of Sir Creek to Pakistan, which is a very strategic location for maintaining security and infiltration by terrorists. The area is said to have oil and gas reserves and changing the boundaries would also affect exploration of natural resources on the land due to cross border firing.

26/11 Mumbai attack in 2008 was the worst that the NSG commandos would have faced. 16 alerts by the intelligent were ignored. It took the central government 5 hrs to put the commandos on the flight due to non-availability of aircraft. Home Minister kept the flight waiting for 1 hour because he wanted to fly with NSG.

After reaching Mumbai, there was no floor plan of Taj, Oberoi-Trident or Nariman House made available to NSG. Further delays were added at the Airport and NSG were taken in BEST buses to the location. It was only in the morning of 29th Nov that the NSG took control of the Taj Lobby.

Big media houses played a devil role, for live telecasting the operation. NONE OF THE MEDIA WAS ASKING THE GOVERNMENT, THE REASONS FOR THE DELAYS.

There was a cold response by the enemies for the request made by the Gov. No army response was considered.

2014 – The Era of New India

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi being introduced to the top Commanders of the army, during Combined Commanders Conference, in New Delhi on October 17, 2014.

Surgical Strike Myanmar: On 4th June 2015, in Meghalaya; 18 Indian soldiers were killed in an ambushed. The enemy was confident that Indian Gov will not do anything, but their assumption was short lived.

On the night of 10th Jun 2015, Indian commandos raided the militant camps of NSCN & KYKL inside Myanmar from Nagaland and Meghalaya. Over 158 militants were eliminated.

Avenging the Uri Attack: On 18th Sep 2016, a group of terrorists peacefully entered URI camp and killed 17 sleeping army personnel. 11 days after the attack, on 29th Sep 2016, special commando unit entered PoK and destroyed 7 terrorist camps. Not a single terrorist was left alive. Burnt and sent to hell.

Majority of the NSG commandos were Dogra, seems they have revenged 1947 killing of the Dogra’s too.

Doklam Standoff: On 16th Jun 2017, China tried to construct road inside the Bhutan territory. India quickly responded on 18 June, and sent 270 Indian troops, with weapons and bulldozers, to stop the Chinese troops from construction. China had under estimated the will power of the new Indian government to help its’ neighbour. The standoff lasted for 2 months 2 weeks & China had to withdraw.

Sir Creek Area: To protect against infiltration activities from the Pakistan side in the Sir Creek area, the Indian Coast Guard deployed two new hovercraft, along with 3 Interceptor Vessels in Dec 2018, which Manmohan Singh wanted to give it away.

Surgical Strike at Sea: As per the reports in Economics Times, in Dec 2018, a ship carrying AK-47, ammunition and grenades was on the way to Bangladesh. Bangladesh intelligence suspected that ISI agents and some members of the Bangladesh Navy and Coast Guard were involved. As some media reports Bangladesh government with support from friendly partners identified the incoming attackers and the ship sunk mid-way. Who is this friendly partner?


Nirmala Sitharaman & Manohar Parrikar have done their best till now. They have given a freehand to the army and in places like Kashmir, terrorism has fallen to lowest & many terrorist have been eliminated.

There is still lot more to be done for our armed forces but as a citizen of India, we should directly help the families of our Martyrs in our capacity via Bharat Ke Veer Mobile Apps.

Vande Mataram. Jai Hind

WebSites: pgurus.com, webindia123.com, indiatoday.in, Indiatimes
TEDxIITBHU: How the Armed Forces do it by RAGHU RAMAN at 
Wikipedia: Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 & Bangladesh Genocide
Books: The Longest August by Dilip Hiro & 26/11 Unforgiven by Manish Jaitly
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Rakesh K
An IT Infrastructure Consultant, passionate about Indic History.

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