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Beware of Satanic forces and elect Narendra Modi to save India

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The forthcoming parliament election in 2019 is in many ways different from previous elections since 1947. 2019 is not just an election where a leader who is the embodiment of truth, honesty, commitment, hard work, development of the nation and sab ka vikas – Narendra Modi who is contesting against several Tukde Tukde gangs which wants to destroy India, bring back the dynastic rule, nepotism, the glory of corruption and scams. The evil forces are working overtime to spread lies and false information like how Lucifer is described in Bible. If people succumb to the lies spread by all those Tukde gangs, they will be destroying the country directly by misusing their valuable franchise for electing those who offer instability, corruption, scams, nepotism and dynastic rule.

Most of the opposition parties are paranoid about Narendra Modi and are constantly engaged in spreading lies and falsehood to distract the attention of people only then they can sabotage the agenda of development and sab ka vikas initiated by PM Modi. The question is why so much of noise and furry in the public space against the Prime Minister and why similar hatred was never seen in the past.

Whenever the country is ruled by a noble leader with virtues and piousness, naturally the evils forces cannot tolerate such rule because if such noble rule is ever allowed to continue, the evil forces have to disappear sooner than later.

Evil forces are bound to be more active and alert only when the rule is noble and divine and the rule is aimed at establishing harmony, peace and sab ka vikas.  PM has offered the best governance to our country in a historic sense, without any partiality, prejudice and in strict accordance with our constitution and the oath that he has taken in the name of God.  Narendra Modi’s government is absolutely free of corruption, scam, nepotism and dynastic culture.

The evil forces otherwise called Satan in Biblical sense are employing several strategies to destabilize and demoralize the rule of God, destroy development, sab ka vikas and finally the country as a whole.

What we witness today in India by the fringe elements and the dynastic forces are exactly the same as what the Satan was described to have done in the past.

If we reflect all those strategies of the Satan and compare it with the political engagements of the fringe elements in India with the support of several dynasts, we can find a perfect similarity.

  1. Satan lies and is the father of lies

The lie spread by the dynast and others about Rafale deal and distorting the facts are the best examples for the above comparison. The mission of Satan is to confuse people and for the above purpose, Satan will not only lie but also manufacture and market lies. All the experts in our defence circle are applauding PM Narendra Modi for the decision to buy Rafale fighter jet and empower our defence forces to guard our nation by the dynast wants to manufacture a scam out of the honest and transparent deal and wants to putdown the image of our nation and our defence force.

People of India are not fools to believe the dynast who lack even the basic common sense.

  1. Satan blinds the minds of unbelievers

Satan does target the unbelievers of God first to convert to its side so that it can sabotage the mission of God. What we witness today in India is quite similar to the second strategy of the Satan. Today dynast is taking the help of several media houses to spread lies.

Most of the parties that follow cult and dynastic leadership culture and the parties that are known for corruption and nepotism are today joining together to destabilize the agenda of development and sab ka vikas initiated by the PM Modi. The fringe forces have realized that all those political parties that oppose Narendra Modi must unite and only then they can destroy India and sustain their interest in Indian politics. That is why most of the opposition parties are simply promoting anti-Modi platform and do not have any other vision or agenda for the nation.

  1. Satan often masquerade in the costume of light and righteousness

What we see today in India’s political bazaar is nothing but the cheap attempt of certain politicians to masquerade their evil and sinister design by taking the avatar of Shiva Bhaktas, Vishnu Bhaktas, Gorakshakas, Brahmin DNA carriers etc. This is meant to confuse the people to move away from the agenda of development and sab ka vikas.

  1. Satan does signs and wonders

To make people believe in Satan, the Satan sometime does some wonders.

The alliance of BSP and SP, the effort of TDP to please congress and disfigure the glory of its founder Ram Rao who formed TDP to eliminate congress from Andhra Pradesh, the unholy alliance of JDS and Congress in Karnataka are some of the wonders that can be compared to the above similarly.

  1. Satan tempts people to sin

Today some of the credible journalists and editors are engaging in Yellow journalism to spread lies about Rafale deal to promote the dynast is the best example for how people are willing to commit sins under the direction of some evil ploy.

  1. Satan causes some unrest and chaos

In order to make people believe in them, several Tukde gangs are creating violence and unrest in several parts of the country to blame PM Modi so that they can establish their sovereign of corruption and scam.

Hope people of India, especially the first time voters will recognise the ground truth and will elect PM Modi in 2019 to save India from all those Tukde Tukde gangs who want nothing but power to loot our nation.

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