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Promote AYUSH as ‘spiritual healing’, prohibit cross pathy

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Ayurveda and Siddha have evolved as spiritual or divine healing practice and are believed to have been gifted to humanity by Lord Brahma and Lord Siva. In the broad sense Ayurveda emphasise more upon health and wellness while Siddha is meant for eternity and salvation or otherwise called ‘Siddhi’. Both Siddha and Ayurveda are not just treasure houses of paramedical wisdom but are indeed an inexhaustible mine for humanity to continuously excavate newer and newer healing wisdom. But unfortunately we have reduced such great wisdom of AYUSH as medical science, crafted thick wall around it, defined its roles by copy pasting the approaches of allopathic medicine and finally designated the vaidya from their godly status to mere doctor. The role of vaidya in our society should not be defined for treatment and therapy like MBBS doctor. AYUSH is indeed a sacred wisdom, a paramedical healing practice and in that sense AYUSH vaidya are spiritual healers and health Gurus.

In ancient days, the vaidyas were not just healers but were fortune tellers as well. Vaidyas used to guide people in the society how to live happy, healthy and disciplined. Even today, several traditional vaidyas in remote villages are worshiped by people as scholars due to their wisdom and purity of thoughts and intent.

But the institutionalization of AYUSH education has reduced the great stature and value of vaidya and as a result most of the vaidyas in private practice have started to promote the self exactly like MBBS doctor and to convince the society, they have even started to adopt most of the diagnostic gadgets like Stethoscope, BP apparatus etc., of modern science than engaged in pulse based examination of AYUSH. Unfortunately some Siddha vaidya even justify cross pathy and adopting modern diagnostic methods than providing the much needed intuitive healing touch of Siddha system to patients.

In several psychosomatic disorders, the placebo drugs are proven to be more effective than real drug mostly due to the faith and belief of the patients in the treatment and the doctor. From that perspective, AYUSH drugs have enormous value to provide spiritual, faith and paramedical healing. In several cases mere counselling is sufficient. Most of the allopathic doctors find lees time for the patient but on the contrary, AYUSH vaidyas spent hours with the patient, listening to them, explaining about the greatness of AYUSH etc. Through such interaction AYUSH vaidyas offer enormous self-confidence, courage and convictions to the patients to deal the problems in a simplest way.

AYUSH system offers spiritual, mind and psycho-healing to the patients, which our present society needs the most. Spiritual existence is necessary for wellness of both mind and body. The spiritual healings bring certain discipline, respect for fellow being and makes people to be conscious of own actions.

Such wonderful treasure we should not lose to cross pathy by institutionally qualified AYUSH vaidyas in private practice.

Relevance of siddha system has been eroded greatly by several Siddha vaidyas in private practice through cross pathy and their justification of cross pathy further disgusts the acceptance of the system by the society. Government of Tamil Nadu and Ministry of AYUSH must take corrective actions on war footing to prevent cross pathy to save AYUSH.

Cross pathy not only affects the credibility of AYUSH but also cause medication health fraud and jettisons the health care delivery in rural India. Time has come AYUSH must for promoted as spiritual healing practice for happiness and positive mind. Ministry of AYUSH must do the needful for the above.


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