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Why the queue for alliance with DMK?: Is DMK weak, strong or an attempt to weaken?

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Most of the insignificant political forces in Tamil Nadu are showing great desperation and hunger to align with DMK. Those who once abused the DMK and its present leader so barbarically have started to praise the maturity of DMK leadership and want to align with the party. What could be the reason for the sudden change of mind and how all these insignificant political forces discovered their new love for DMK?

Three possibilities people of Tamil Nadu can draw from the sudden love gain for DMK by most of the fringe players in the state. The first possibility is that the fringe players may be of the view that today DMK alone is strong in the state so by aligning with DMK they can increase their winning prospects and also can enjoy power. So before their political party die naturally (most of these parties are in the brink of extinction) they can reserve some victory to ruminate in future.

The second possibility is that some of these insignificant players may be assuming that DMK is quite weak after the demise of Mr. M Karunanidhi and if they join the party they can strengthen it. But this possibility appears foolish but such foolish possibility we cannot discount because some fringe players in the state may still think they are quite strong. But the bitter truth is that they are neither recognized in Lanka nor in Tamil Nadu.

The third possibility is quite curious and appears prima facia true in logical sense. May be to weaken the DMK all these fringe players want to join DMK. Most of these insignificant players know that AIADMK is weak, neither any leader of Amma’s stature nor the party is in the sight so they have no reason to worry about AIADMK. As a result of the collapse of AIADMK, naturally it is assumed that DMK has become strong although DMK cannot offer leadership to the state but the dynastic culture of the party gives hope to the party.

If all these fringe players align with DMK this time, the chance of their winning election is almost certain and naturally their victory shall come at the expense of DMK but it will be always interpreted as grand alliance has won and not DMK. Such situation is bound to create an aura that DMK has won purely because of grand alliance and if the grand alliance is broken that would weaken DMK. Through such an alliance formation, they can weaken the DMK and at the same time they also can create mist about their party as formidable force. If DMK for some reason snap ties with these parties in future, they all can rally against DMK and can cause some small level of damage to DMK because DMK at best may remain only as a united party but can they unite people of the state to elect them at a time Kamal Hassan and Rajnikanth are entering state politics is a game we should leave to future. Narendra Modi led BJP is also gaining grounds in the state significantly in urban areas.

It looks like the desire and agog shown by most of the fringe players to align with DMK is only going to weaken the DMK. Further the pre-existing baggage of DMK, the invisible national party may not like the new chemistry of different insignificant players hobnobbing with DMK.

It looks like DMK does not have much choice either to accept these parties to its fold or to accept. If they are not taken, they might join the opposition rank and might weaken the party and if they are taken, naturally that too cost the party so dearly. DMK is between devil and Dead Sea and only coming days will prove which of the above probability is going to be true.

The undercurrent in the state is clear that people are fed up Dravidian politics and want a party with national vision, spiritual spirit and corruption free governance to lead the state. A leader of the stature of Narendra Modi is needed for the state. If the state chose the same old political culture to continue, the state may not have much future.

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