Telangana prohibition & excise is more interested in revenue than citizen safety & convenience

Prohibition and Excise Superintendent, Shamsabad (Ex- Rajendra nagar) office having aware of pedestrian crossing, bus stop, entrance of approach road to our residential complex and minority community prayer hall inside the Happy Homes Residential 9 blocks complex opp pillar no 185 pvnr expressway, an outlet premises does not has requisite parking for the visitors, still given license to open a retail liqour outlet.

Since the opening of the outlet, the 700 families residing in the complex as well as worshippers coming for prayers especially women are put to lot of hardship. The residents especially women unable walk through freely through the area, to go to work place, shopping, wait for public transportation or use pedestrian crossing.

As the outlet does not have parking place in front of vehicles are parked on the pavement area as well as on the approach road to our complex. The visitors are openly consuming liqour on the approach road.

The liqour outlet in violation of license rules allowed a huge shed to be constructed at the back side of the main shop allowing buyers to consume liqour by providing them furniture and food items inside it. It’s almost a bar and restaurant. Because of which consumers get drunk create nuisance as well as over drunken consumers fell unconscious either inside or on the roads. Even after the closure of the outlet at 10pm people consume liquor openly on the approach road by parking their four or three wheelers till late night.

Because such violation there are frequent brawl on the roads and youth violate the rules and use our complex cellar parking and open ground of our complex to consume liqour. Unsolicited comments at the women, girls passing through by the visitors  Frequently the residents had to take help of the police department to contain such activities.

The residents of Happy Homes Residential Complex has requested the Superintendent, Prohibition & Excise, Shamsabad to issue necessary orders to liqour outlet shift from the existing premises immediately. In case of no action taken by the official, they residents have warned that, they will approach the higher authorities as well as Human Rights Commission for the necessary action.

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