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NDA’S seat tally fixed in Bihar, Paswan gets RS seat

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Kamlesh Kumar Ojha
I am Journalist

New Delhi: The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in Bihar announced its seat searing on Sunday with BJP President Amit Shah announcing that BJP, JD(U) will contest 17 Lok Sabha seat each and Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) gets rest of 6 seat.

NDA will send LJP chief and Cabinet Minister Ram Vilas Paswan to Rajya Sabha.

‘The Decisions are only regard with Bihar, Shah said in a respond to a question that LJP will get LOk Sabha seat in Uttar Pradesh.

Bhartiya Janta Party President Amit Shah asserted that NDA will win seat more than 2014 Lok Sabha seat it had 31 seat. The BJP chief also expressed confidence that BJP will come back in power in 2019. Politically and socially important Bihar state has 40 seat of Lok Sabha. Seat sharing was announcement in the presence of BJP President Amit Shah, JDU chief and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Minister in Modi cabinet Ram Vilas Paswan and Chirag Paswan. Ram Vilas will be sent to the Rajya Sabha as earliest opportunity, Shah told reporters.

This deal finalised after two days marathon meeting between LJP and BJP top leaders, LJP had adopted a Aggressive stand over Seat sharing issue after Upendra Kushwaha left NDA few days ago who was Minister In Modi Cabinet.

on Ram Mandir issue, Bihar Chief Minister said, every political parties has its own Agenda, “We have been with BJP since 2009 and our stand is clear, it has to be resolved either by court or by mutual understanding” Kumar added.

JDU President Nitish Kumar also managed to get respectful seat for his party, Nitish Kumar also succeeded in to underline his Importance for Bhartiya Janta Party for Upcoming Lok Sabha Elections, now BJP is fighting lesser seat then 2014, party had won 22 seat. The BJP have to let go of at least its five winning seat in the state.

JDU had contested 2014 elections independently, and the LJP, which was BJP ally, had won two and six seat respectively.

Shah said all allies will soon decide on distribution of Lok Sabha Constituency for fielding their candidates in 2019 Elections.

Its very Important to understand that in 2014 elections Nitish Kumar’s JDU was not part of NDA, he decided to move away from the alliance after Narendra Modi was named for the PM post. in 2014 NDA had registered an impressive win with 31 seat with Upendra Kushwaha’s RLSP and Ram Vilas Paswan. This time scenario has been changed now RLSP is no more part of NDA, but BJP managed to convenience Nitish Kumar for alliance with party after JDU decided to left Grand-Allince in Bihar after corruption allegation on his Deputy Tejashwi Yadav.

This election is not so easy for Bhartiya janta Party and its “Chanakya” Amit shah after the 3- state loss. Across the Country opposition parties are coming together to defeated PM Narendra Modi, So BJP and its Leaders must thing about Pro-People policy because congress moral is on high after election win in hindi heartland 3 states.

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Kamlesh Kumar Ojha
I am Journalist

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