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Do Indians want Mahagathbandhan: The friendship story of monkey and crocodile?

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Mahagathbandhan (महागठबंधन) otherwise called as the grand alliance endeavour of the opposition parties would soon end up like the friendship story of monkey and crocodile.

Here goes the story of monkey and crocodile. A crocodile used to come under the fig tree near the lake where the crocodile used to live, to eat fig fruits that are being dropped by the monkey that lived on the tree.  One day the crocodile has decided to be friend with the monkey because the crocodile was regularly getting fig fruits only due to the monkey. They formed a friendship and it grew slowly until the wife crocodile wants to eat the monkey.

Today several regional parties in India are surviving in their respective shrinking regions by abusing and criticizing PM Modi because he is speaking to the conscience of our nation, wants to infuse the spirit of one India, one election and one tax.

The regional parties are having their fig fruits by kindling the regionalism and linguistic superiority in their respective states. Therefore none of the regional parties wants their territory to be diffused by the ethos of one India. Naturally the one who gives such wake-up call for New India to keep the identity of India with one election and one taxation have to be opposed, abused and criticized by the regional parties and that is what most of the regional parties are doing today.

But the majority of the Indians have understood the fact that India of today is different from India during post-independence days.  Time has come India must salute one flag, one language, one anthem, one election, one taxation and one cultural identity called Hinduism.  Similarly, only one civil law should be there in India applicable to all religions. The identity of our land should be Hindu rastra.

The metaphor crocodile in Indian politics has been pushed to search for a water body to survive by PM Modi through his agenda of development and sab ka vikas. Until then the political crocodile was basking and eating luxuriously and there was no one to oppose the might of the crocodile. As a result of PM’s emergence as the tallest and greatest leader of India and of the world, the age-old political crocodile has started to move towards those regional parties who abuse him.

Like the crocodile in the story that used to take the monk for a long ride, the party of the dynast, the crocodile in the Indian politics in metaphoric term has been compelled to carry the regional parties on its back and the best example is Karnataka experiment.

The heart and head of the Congress is known for notoriety and dirty politics, however, the dynast claims he carries Brahmin DNA.  The Mahagathbandhan (महागठबंधन) experiment would soon end up like the friendship between the monkey and crocodile. 

The kitchen cabinet and members of the sycophancy club of the dynast would soon say that instead of sitting on the corridor of power by supporting the regional parties to enjoy the honey must demand its pound of flesh in return otherwise the support must be withdrawn. Unless JDS demand a huge number of parliamentary constituencies to contest to join as an alliance with Congress in 2019, JDS may not last long. That is the only way JDS also can grow its base in Karnataka.

The wicked wife of crocodile that had persuaded the husband crocodile to kill the monkey by suggesting that the monkey would be tastier than the fig fruits, the day is not far away for the dirty tricks department of Congress to eat off JDS otherwise congress also may destroy its single-party dominance in Karnataka politics. 

India will be the big loser if we allow the monkey and crocodile friendship to rule the country where the friendship is between greed and necessity and not the agenda of development or sab ka vikas as envisaged by the Prime Minister. Therefore we should never let our country to pay for the greed and survival politics of different fringe players.

PM Modi has saved India from the jaws of several greedy crocodiles that were about to swallow India. He sowed the seeds of development and he is on the mission to achieve sab ka vikas.

Indians should recognise the truth that the friendship between crocodile and monkeys can easily destroy India therefore every vote of every Indians count in 2019 to save India. The people should ask whether their vote is for the development and corruption-free governance or to re-establish the culture of dynasty, nepotism and corruption.

The Prime Minister stands with a unique identity as the honest, incorruptible, passionate, decisive, development centric leader. On the contrary, most of the opposition parties have deep and un-removable stain of corruption charges, they follows dynastic cult and breed sycophants and fan club.

India need development and PM Modi is the only leader who is so committed to develop the country. He has reformed India and uplifted the dignity and social status of millions of poor people by building houses to poor people, providing free cooking supply, drinking water facility, better sanitation facility, bank accounts etc. The health reform brought in India is an incredible fete which the entire world is appreciating.

The sum total development of India achieved during Congress rule in the last 60 years will fall far below than the development happened in India since 2014. Therefore Indians should never allow the friendship of crocodile and monkeys to rule the state.

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