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Those must be faithful are killing AYUSH tradition

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AYUSH is a wonderful traditional wisdom for happy and healthy living. AYUSH is a pre-science, wellness and health based practice evolved mainly for managing the health of the healthy, to achieve mind-body balance and for various paramedical benefits. All aspects essential for happy mind and healthy body, AYUSH has.

AYUSH was an ever growing faith based healing practice until we institutionalize the system. Before institutionalization, the Vaidya Parambarya were constantly improving the system, adding, deleting or modifying several recipes and all such own and or shared wisdom were incorporated into the system. That is how AYUSH was growing. But the institutionalization has impaired, mutilated, lamed, deafen and blinded the sacredness of Ayurveda and Siddha systems. Those institutionally qualified Vaidyas who joined the government service have gone lazy (not all) and have done a little to the system. Those who could not join the Government service have largely settle with private practice. Unfortunately many of those institutionally qualified AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice instead of developing own system have migrated to cross pathy. Several Siddha Vaidyas in Tamil Nadu have already made the wonderful Siddha system highly insignificant.

In ancient times the AYUSH Vaidyas were not affiliated to any institution and the Parambarya formed were not necessarily from within the family. To the disciple who showed commitment and learning ability, the Vaidya had transferred his legacy and thus the sacred AYUSH practice continued.

The Vaidyas belong to the traditional school were real scientists and were experimenting continuously and that is how Siddha and Ayurveda has nearly a lakh recipes. Vaidyas from the traditional school possibly after examining the health condition of each patient would have modified or improved the existing recipe to achieve better paramedical benefit. Whenever they had observed some benefit, such recipes would have incorporated into the system.  In that sense the Parambarya Vaidyas were constantly proving and providing proof to several AYUSH recipes.

We may be shocked to know the fact that after institutionalization, no great progress has happened in AYUSH. If those institutionally qualified AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice had practiced own system instead of engaging in cross pathy, the scientific credence of several AYUSH recipes would have got established by now. But instead of progressing and promoting Ayurveda or Siddha, several AYUSH vaidyas in private practice are promoting and popularizing allopathic system of medicine through cross pathy.

The Poojay Guru Baba Ramdev who popularized YOGA in India and subsequently by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has taken YOGA to global level are not institutionally qualified AYUSH experts but are true followers and believers of the sacred AYUSH tradition.

The big question is why many of those institutionally qualified AYUSH Vaidyas are harming the system by engaging in cross pathy if not they develop the system?

Predation of Siddha system by cross pathy by several Siddha Vaidyas in Tamil Nadu is quite high and which had pushed Siddha system to brink of extinction.

AYUSH is essential not just for health and wellness but AYUSH is essential for universal peace and brotherhood. AYUSH is the only the traditional healing paramedical practice talks about mind-body balance, inner peace, importance of living in harmony with our ecosystem, but also talks about the relationship between microcosm and macrocosm etc.

We are duty bound to promote and popularize the wellness and paramedical recipes of AYUSH. Every Indian must confront those AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice who are engaged in cross pathy and demean and belittle AYUSH.

Collective responsibility and commitment alone will ensure health and wellness transformation of humanity through AYUSH. Cross pathy by AYUSH vaidyas must be declared illegal and as crime against AYUSH as well as against humanity. Let us promote and popularize the pre-medical and paramedical practices of AYUSH and simultaneously also weed out those cross pathians from AYUSH.

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