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Let the wonder of ginger, jaggery mix deter cross pathy, let us popularize AYUSH

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The article of D Balasubramanian entitled “Mix together ginger and jaggery to fight viruses” published in The Hindu dated September 22, 2018, must empower and convert all those AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice who are engaged in cross pathy.

AYUSH has several healing recipes for wellness and health. The reference of ginger and jaggery mix to fight viruses especially the RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) is quite amazing. The indicative data already available in the credible literature although warrants some more intense research, but they cannot be negated completely.

Only through continuous clinical observation and patients experience we can establish the paramedical benefits of several AYUSH products. The therapeutic effects of AYUSH products/recipes instead of we attempt to test through modern scientific methodologies, clinical observation and documentation of patients experience would be appropriate. Paramedical substances must be scrutinized primarily for the end benefit than the absolute science and such science is necessary only for drugs of allopathic system.

In Government run AYUSH hospitals such as PHC, CHC etc., rigorous evaluation of AYUSH products may not be possible obviously due to the volume of patients, generic nature of the medical problem and the additional abundant administrative responsibility of all those AYUSH Vaidyas in Government run hospitals. Therefore expecting too much from Vaidyas in government run hospitals is not fair. Imagine if all institutionally qualified AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice take pride in practicing the system of their expertise than migrating to cross pathy, the private practitioners can reveal and prove several such wonders like ginger and jaggery mix for viral infection.

AYUSH has stayed far behind space, time, continuum purely because of cross pathy by several institutionally qualified AYUSH vaidyas in private practice.

In private practice, unlike in Government run PHC’s and CHC’s, vaidya-patient relationship is quite strong. Patient would definitely report back to the Vaidya about the efficacy of the recipe he or she is been given. The Vaidyas also can modify the recipes according to their knowledge, experience and intuition and can be evaluated. Once a recipe is proven to have some effects such recipes can be recommended to the research centres for further evaluation if necessary. Only through the committed and continuous engagement of AYUSH vaidyas in private practice in practicing own system, the country can have many more wonders like ginger and jaggery mix.

But today the commitment and sincerity among several vaidyas in private practice for own system has disappeared. Many AYUSH vaidyas have become the missionaries of allopathic system and often give AYUSH recipe only the value of side-dish to the allopathic prescription.

AYUSH can offer complete and permanent relief to several ailments at pre and post medical level. The true paramedical benefit of AYUSH is if explored and capitalised, India shall become a very health country.

The ultimate success of AYUSH lies not in the acceptance of people or the money spent by government to promote the system but the Vaidyas in private practice must trust and promote own system instead of engaging in cross pathy.

Sometime government should use advisory notes to change the attitude of people and sometime strict implementation of punitive measures alone would work. AYUSH Ministry must initiate strict legal and punishment measures against all those AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice who are engaged in cross pathy as it is important for promoting AYUSH.

Cross pathy by AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice can only destroy the relevance of AYUSH and public trust in the system.

AYUSH can answer several of our medical problems and challenges as it has several pre and paramedical recipes like ginger and jaggery.

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