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Cross pathy jettison AYUSH philosophy and healthy India

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Our ancient Hindu culture, its practices and tradition always promote the philosophy of “Ayur Arogya Aishwarya Abhivrudhirasrthu”. The essence of Hindu philosophy is not just meant for Hindus alone but it always wish for the wellness and happiness of the entire universe. Even in the divine worship, Hinduism promotes the importance universal health, wellness and happiness.

The fundamental philosophy of Hinduism is all about wellness and happiness of all beings that lives everywhere.  Hindu tradition through its sacred verse “Lokha Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” inscribe in the minds of Hindus to work for the happiness of the entire universe.

To lead people on right path, Hinduism also elaborates further that:

“Dharmo eva hato hantee dharmo rakshati rakshitaah
Tasmadhrmo na hantabhyo  maa no dharmo hatovadhit“

Dharma would destroy those who destroy dharma (the righteousness) and protect those who protect dharma and the dharma cannot be destroyed.

The wellness cum paramedical philosophy of AYUSH has come as an extension of Hinduism and its associated traditional practices. AYUSH contains several recipes for happy and healthy life. But the big question is why and how such wonderful philosophy we have started to miss and why the Government has to spent lots of money to promote our own heritage and tradition back to us, which is 5000 years old?


Why and how we, the Indians born in the great tradition of Hinduism and been living through such sacred Hindu culture (irrespective of the fact whether one follows Hinduism or other religious practices) have forgotten the values of AYSUH philosophy and lost the essence of wellness in our hunt for wealth?

Like all roads lead to Rome, answer to the above questions would lead us to cross pathy by several AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice as the credible reason for why AYUSH has lost its charm. Cross pathy by several AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice has destroyed the faith and credibility of the system among people who consult such AYUSH Vaidyas.

Definitely those Siddha vaidyas in Tamil Nadu who engage in cross pathy have seriously impaired and jettison the Siddha system and its values.


India is a diverse, large, over populated country with high level of poverty and illiteracy. The medical practitioners in private practice and those private clinics only predominantly cater the health care needs of people. Although Modiji has taken special interest to provide best and cost effective health care system to poor people but the mission has not fully reached every nook and corner of the state.

In the last 15-20 years, large number of the AYUSH vaidyas after qualifying from institutions especially some of those who could not join government service has migrated to cross pathy in their private practice. Many of them appeared to have ignored & neglected own system and forgotten the importance of wellness and health. Wellness and health are the precursor for a healthy country and not surgery and surgical knife. AYUSH is a wonderful wellness providing paramedical system.

When the patients get allopathic prescriptions from AYUSH Vaidyas, naturally the patients in all likelihood would think allopathy to be the medical system and not AYUSH and that is why even the AYUSH Vaidyas prescribe allopathic drugs. Most of the health problems at the early stage may require only wellness tips, paramedical attention and certain life style changes.

Since AYUSH has evolved with rich philosophy and Hindu sacredness, the promotion strategy of AYUSH should be liberal and must mandate the AYUSH experts to promote the system for wellness of mind and body and for certain definite paramedical benefits.

Unless the Ministry of AYUSH and the Government of India orient the AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice to be more responsible in promoting own system instead of migrating to allopathy, the system will never able to serve humanity better.

It is not the general public who doubt or suspect AYUSH but several AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice are the one who appears to lack trust and pride in AYUSH. Time is not too late, let us bring back the glory of AYUSH and make India healthy and happy. Let us not allow cross pathy the destroy AYUSH.

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