When you let others grow, you grow

Recently, I visited a company for an interview. But, instead of asking questions about what I did or what I know, he went to ask questions related to that field, about which I have relatively less knowledge. When HR told me before, that they would provide me 6 months training, this guy refused in totality. First I thought I need to work more on my skills, but when brooding, I came on to conclusion that this guy became insecure looking at my profile. Though, I want to work for my own self, improving myself, I don’t have any intentions to usurp other people’s position, but insecurities just creep into them.

In 2010, when I was working in a firm, the immediate boss was insecure with me. I was a BE in Comp Sci then and he was from Polytechnic. So he never used to give me work, on the other hand tried to persuade me to join other company. He kind of harassed me then and I had to left the job, but went to take higher studies doing my MSc in same stream.

Why am I writing this? I am writing it because the lesson, which I learned over the years is that, if you want to grow, you have to focus on yourself. This means, even if others are surpassing you. Let me give you an example. There is a staircase. You are going upwards. There is another person who is behind you. He too is going in the same direction. Now, you have two options. If you stop and try to block the way of that person behind you, he cannot go upwards. But so are you. To stop him, you have to remain where you are. But the drawback is, if he goes back downstairs and takes a lift, then? He reaches where he intends to and you don’t achieve what you wanted. Moreover, you lose your respect.

In another scenario, you go on your way, reach where you wanted to, without blocking other’s path, having your respect intact or even increased. This things help you grow.

So, this is the lesson, when you let others grow, you grow. This also takes a lot of stress off your head, because here, you have to focus only on yourself. And believe me, if you are good at something, nobody can take that. So don’t be insecure, just be happy.

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