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Let us not forget the philosophy of AYUSH in the world proven science

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Down the line the sacred philosophical constructs of AYUSH is evaporating of course not due to global warming.  The evidence based science; especially the allopathic system and its amazing developments are largely perceived and viewed as a threat to AYUSH fundamentals. But the truth is different. How much ever science advances and the allopathic system evolve, but still human values and the essence of wellness shall remain immortal and such values, the modern science cannot offer to mankind.

It means AYUSH shall remain immortal like the lines of John Keats Ode on a Grecian Urn:
“Thou still unravish’d bride of quietness,
Thou foster-child of silence and slow time,
Sylvan historian, who canst thus express”

Life thrives not only on the strict definitions of science but life is also rooted deeply in certain philosophical values and belief systems. Therefore having belief systems, positive thinking, faith, mutual help and recognition are essential for life. Scientific rationale alone will not make life possible on earth.

AYUSH is a wonderful capsule of wellness philosophy evolved over time through observation and experience sharing between people. The success of modern man not lies in his scientific advancement of what he is today but it is due to the successful survival and propagation of the pre-historic man from the era of no science to modern day.

In fact until independence AYUSH was a progressive wisdom passed onto next generation from the previous one as Guru– Shishya Parampara (गुरुशिष्य परम्परा). But after independence it was institutionalized to develop the system further. But it looks like the institutionalization has brought more harm to the system than any good. The institutionalization has certainly created a new challenge to the graduates to prove that they are as good as allopathic graduates. Unfortunately much time was spent on proving superiority than developing the system.

The rampant cross pathy by several institutionally qualified AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice in rural India shows how the modern day AYUSH vaidyas have drifted away from the sacred thread of AYUSH and its wonderful philosophy.

It is so unfortunate that some Siddha vaidyas in Tamil Nadu defend cross pathy and justify it.  Ironically such Siddha vaidyas when asked to explain about own system they fail to explain own philosophy proving that they have learned their system poorly.

To remain healthy, we need strong wisdom about how to remain healthy and not how many super specialized doctors and clinics are there to treat our health problem. AYUSH is one stop solution for human wellness.  It has rich pre-health and paramedical recipes and all such recipes are immortal.  Self-discipline, diet regimen to be followed in different seasons, dress code according to weather conditions, importance of treating food as drug are some of the death-less wellness recipes of AYUSH.

Science could see and investigate life only in compartments but AYUSH always value the philosophy of holism or totality of human mind and body. If the modern day AYUSH vaidyas in private practice realize the rich wellness treasures of AYUSH they need not compete or prove anything to anyone instead even the allopathic doctors would go to them for wellness recipes of AYUSH.

AYUSH has lots to offer to humanity than to prove anything to anyone. This cardinal message the AYUSH vaidyas in private practice must recognize and respect. Once they imbibe the above truth, they can offer their service to humanity through the ancient wisdom of AYUSH than migrating to cross pathy, prescribe various allopathic drugs with hearsay knowledge and finally demean own system as well as risk the life of poor patients in rural India.

AYUSH is a treasure house of wellness philosophy and recipes.  When we attempt convert such wisdom as product of modern day science, it is being questioned ruthlessly. The science of AYUSH is belief and is faith centric i.e. in the philosophy of universe and existence of life in total form. Wellness of body can be achieved only by programming the mind and AYUSH has all necessary tools to programme the mind.

AYUSH vaidyas in private practice therefore must use their sacred knowledge and training for wellness of humanity and not for competing to prove AYUSH is medical science. Medical science exist only for health and wellness therefore wellness and health should be the focus and not proving whether AYUSH is scientific or not. Cross pathy by AYUSH practitioners in private must end for the progress of the system. Modiji is doing everything possible to promote the system to build a healthy India.

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