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Love Jihad: The crime which main stream media ignores

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In this article, I would seek to inform all of you about one such an issue which is matter of great concern, the issue of “Love Jihad”. What is Love Jihad? Is it an interfaith marriage or love affair between a Muslim and a Non-Muslim? Absolutely no. Love Jihad in today’s circumstances simply means: A Muslim trapping a Non-Muslim in love affair and later on forcing him/her to convert to Islam. But why call this process “Love Jihad”? Because, Jihad in context of Muslims means striving towards propagating Islam. So, whenever a Muslim choose “love and force simultaneously” as the medium to propagate Islam, it is called “Love Jihad”. But why Muslims do this Love Jihad? Because, of a Quranic command.

“Marry not idolatresses until they believe. Truly a believing slave woman is better than an idolatress, though she be pleasing to you. And marry none to the idolaters until they believe….” says Quran 2.221

This Quranic verse very categorically stated that Muslim men and women should not marry idolaters until those idolaters start believing in Islam. And this is the prime reason why we witness “Love Jihad”. Because whenever a Muslim thinks of marrying a Non-Muslim, it becomes necessary on his/her part to convert his/her partner to Islam in order to gain acceptance in society.

Now, I find 2 ways in which Muslims fulfil this command of Quran:

    1. The Honest Way
    2. The “Love Jihad” Way

The ‘Honest Way’ is that in which Muslims directly ask or peacefully insist their partner to accept Islam as their religion. And I think, no rational minded person would have an issue with this way of Muslims.

But then comes the other way, the ‘Love Jihad’ way, in which Muslims lay down an elaborate trap to catch Non-Muslim girls and forcibly convert them to Islam. And I think, every rational minded person would have issues with this way of Muslims.

So basically, in this article, I would be citing those cases happened recently [between Feb 2018-June 2018] in which Muslims chose ‘The Love Jihad Way’ where a Muslim married (or got into a relationship) with a Non-Muslim and then forced him/her to convert to Islam.

Please note: There are many cases in which Muslims hide their true identity, and reveal it only after establishing a sexual relationship. They then leave the woman in a helpless state, but I wouldn’t count them as Love Jihad because in those cases, Muslims didn’t convert Non-Muslims to Islam (which is the aim of Jihad). So such cases, in my view, shall not be regarded as Love Jihad. On the other side, there are many cases where Muslims abducted Non-Muslims, sexually exploited and converted them to Islam, but I wouldn’t count even these cases as Love Jihad because there is no “love” factor involved. So I’m making it very clear again that I would count only those cases as Love Jihad where Muslims first used “love” to trap Non-Muslims and later aspired to forcibly convert them into Islam.

Case 1 :

A Muslim man, Arif Hussain, married a Hindu girl making her believe that his name is ‘Chotu Singh’. After marriage, Arif Khan started beating her and forcibly converted her to Islam. He even forced the Hindu girl to eat meat, when the girl refused, he lashed her. This news was reported on Feb 18, 2018.


Muhammad Riyaz Rasheed, a Muslim man married a Non-Muslim woman. After marriage, he started forcing her to wear the veil and convert to Islam. Not just that, he also threatened that he would sell her to Islamic State. This news was reported on Feb 26, 2018.

CASE 3 :

A Muslim, Rezwan, introduced himself as ‘Guddu Patel’ to a Hindu girl. He even met his parents with same name and convinced them for their daughter’s marriage with him. While marriage ceremony was going on, girl’s parents observed that few guests from husband’s side came wearing Islamic cap. Then this matter was told to an organisation ‘Hindu Dharma Sena’, the organisation came to spot, and as soon as they came, many of those guests who were wearing Islamic cap ran away. Then the police came and the entire matter was disclosed. This matter was reported on March 10, 2018.


A Hindu girl, Jyoti married a Muslim man Tofique Ahmed in terms that she would not change her religion. Both Tofique and Jyoti have a son named Shiva. Now, after years of marriage, Tofique wanted Shiva to adopt Islam. But because Jyoti didn’t agree, he kidnapped Shiva and ran away. This news was reported on March 23, 2018.


This case is quite different! In this case, a Hindu man and a Muslim woman happily married to each other. After few years, the Muslim woman, Hasina, started coercing the Hindu man to convert to Islam. The Hindu man was even pushed from the rooftop for not agreeing to her. This case was reported on March 28, 2018.


A Muslim man, Asif, married a Hindu girl in Jammu. They shifted to many other places. After marriage, Asif forcibly converted her to Islam. When Asif was left with no money, he started torturing the Hindu girl. When people of nearby saw it, they reported it to the police and then Asif was immediately arrested. This case was reported on April 4, 2018.


A Hindu girl falls in love with a Muslim man. Both of them married and went to Kerala. There, Muslim man not only converted Hindu girl to Islam but also raped her along with other men. This news was reported on April 5, 2018.


A Muslim man married a Hindu woman by using fake documents. After marriage, he started forcing her to convert to Islam and produce more kids. And when she refused, the man beat her and threatened to kill her entire family. This news was reported on April 20, 2018.


Another case was reported where a Muslim man trapped a Non-Muslim girl in love affair, converted her to Islam and was forcing for marriage. Luckily, this man was caught by the public harassing the girl and was handed over to police. This news was reported on May 21, 2018.

CASE 10:

Abdul Mehtab, a Muslim man, introduced himself as ‘Pintu’ to a Hindu girl, Puja. Abdul forcibly converted Puja to Islam and married her. Even Abdul’s family members tortured her. So Puja went to police to get registered a case against Abdul and his family members. This case was reported on June 1, 2018.

CASE 11:

A girl from Punjab married a man from Srinagar. After marriage, she came to know that he is a Muslim. The Muslim family forced this Punjabi girl to change her religion. They didn’t stop there. The girl reported that they went a step further and raped her. This news was reported on June 9, 2018.

CASE 12:

Safraj Hussain, A Muslim boy, introduced himself as ‘Raj’ (Hindu) and did friendship with a Hindu girl. They both agreed to marry. After marriage, when Safraj was not in the home, the girl discovered that he lied about his religion to her. But she chose to stay with him. Later sometime, Safraj’s family started forcing her to convert to Islam. She refused. One day, they called a Maulvi and forced her to accept Islam, she resisted, and then as a consequence, she was raped. This news was reported on June 17, 2018.

CASE 13:

This is an extremely horrible story! A Muslim, Saif, trapped a Hindu girl ‘Maya’ in love affair and clicked several sensitive images of her. Then he started threatening girl to marry him and convert to Islam otherwise he would post those images on the internet. When Maya’s father was unable to resolve this entire issue, he ended up his life, he committed suicide. This story was reported on June 19, 2018.

CASE 14:

A Muslim man and a Hindu girl became friends on Facebook. Soon, they got into relationship and married each other. After marriage, Muslim man forced the girl to convert to Islam, she refused, hence Muslim man uploaded sensitive images of the girl on the internet. This case was reported on June 20, 2018.

CASE 15:

A woman filed complaint to the police that 4 years ago, she married a Muslim man. After marriage, man started torturing her. He threatened her by saying that if she doesn’t accept Islam, he would kill her. This was reported on June 23, 2018.

CASE 16:

A Muslim man, Amir, introduced himself as a Hindu to a girl. They got into a deep relationship. And after establishing a sexual relationship with the girl, and making her pregnant, he revealed his true religion. And after she delivered a baby, Amir forced the girl to convert to Islam. This news was reported on June 26, 2018.

An Observation:

Readers, I cited above 16 cases of Love Jihad. Have you ever watched prime-time debates on any of these 16 cases? Probably no. Leave aside debates, most of the “eminent liberal journalists” don’t even report such cases for 5 minutes. Leave aside television media, not even English print media give space to such cases. It is almost in all cases, only Hindi or regional newspapers which dare to report on Love Jihad.

On the other hand, any case of assault involving ‘cow’ catches media’s eye in no time. It becomes the subject of prime-time debates. Pseudo-liberals set entire country on fire. They go on to write article after article on international newspapers to shame India and Hindus. Even those who never found the religion of terror despite thousands of terror attacks against Non-Muslims, suddenly start using terms like “Hindutva Terror or Cow Terrorism”.

Now the point to ponder is, what makes ‘Love Jihad’ so different from ‘cow vigilance’ that one attracts ‘no’ attention and other attracts ‘all’ attention? And after much reasoning, the only factor which creates such a huge difference clicks to my mind is RELIGION OF THE VICTIM.

Hindus are victims of ‘Love Jihad’, so our MSM choose to snub the issue and Muslims are victims of ‘Cow Vigilance’, so MSMleavese no chance to shame Hindus. Believe it or not, this is actually what matters to MSM.

The Possible Rescue:

So what is the possible rescue from the threat of Love Jihad? Is it moral policing? The way of Bajrang Dal? Absolutely no. If you have read those above 16 cases, you know that Bajrang Dal actually helped several women to get justice and also rescued several women from being forcibly converted, but definitely, I wouldn’t suggest anybody follow their way. Not just that their way is quite immoral but also that you may end up landing in legal troubles if you persuade them. The best possible is, to generate awareness (not fear) among people, especially women (as it is them who are victims is most of the cases). Also, every boy/girl, in my opinion, before getting into any relationship, should inquire perfectly about each other. And the most important part is, to take your parents into confidence. As we have seen in above 16 cases, those parents who knew the boy with whom their daughter was in an affair with, took more effective steps against those who didn’t know when their daughters suddenly disappeared. To conclude: To tackle Love Jihad, we need to educate ourselves and others about it and most importantly to take our parents into consideration before taking any such sort of major decision in life.


I’m wholeheartedly thankful to a Twitter user, @Ayravata, who made a long and very informative thread about those cases where Non-Muslims are victims of ‘Love & Rape’ Jihad. As I have said, MSM chooses not to report on such cases, so, like everybody else, even I was unaware of how gigantic problem this Love Jihad is. But it only after going through his thread of tweets, I realised it and selected few appropriate cases for my article.

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