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Dear Indian Express, is ‘Mother’s Day’ not for Modi’s Mother?

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Happy Mother’s day to a select few Mothers, if one has to believe the ultra-liberal Indian Express.


Indian Express the champion of Feminism, Poor, Underdogs, Lower Class and all the bleeding heart liberalism in the world has wished Mothers day and mentions a select few Mothers from Indian Politics.

It has Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Maneka Gandhi, Rabri Devi, Nandini Satpathy, Sheila Dixit, and Vijayaraje Scindia. It had the most glaring omission, Prime Minister Modi’s Mother, who is very much alive.

  1. Of all the seven mentioned by Indian Express, 3 i.e Indira Gandhi, Nandini Satpathy, and Vijayaraje Scindia are deceased.
  2. All the seven were/are related to extremely powerful men and owe their political career solely to those powerful men in their lives.
  3. None of the seven was in any manner connected to poverty or known to lead a spartan life. The poor loving Indian Express only mentions extremely rich people.
  4. All the seven mentioned have their progeny in politics, thereby continuing their dynastic politics.
  5. There is not a single “Mother” from the south of Vindhyas. (Rest in Peace “Amma” Jayalalitha, coz as per Indian Express you are not a “Happy Mothers Day wishable” Amma! Never mind most Tamils call you Amma and your daughter still leads a quiet non-political life).
  6. Let’s not talk about mothers from North East India because as per Indian liberal media, North East India exists only if there is a gaffe from a BJP leader or Rohingyas have been denied shelter.
  7. Current sitting Chief Ministers such as Mehbooba Mufti and Vasundhara Raje Scindia have been royally ignored.

(the below snaps belong to Indian Express)

Indira Gandhi


Indira Gandhi, the ruthless Congress ruler who injected the poison of dynastic decadence into Indian Polity has been remembered on Mother’s Day by Indian Express. Since Narendra Modi’s Mother was a simple “kaam wali” from a small town in Gujarat, Indian Express has “liberally” ignored her. Never mind her son, Modi is the current Prime Minister of the largest and most complex democracy in history!

Sheila Dikshit

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She ruled the City State of Delhi for 15 years. Nevertheless, she is mentioned because of other reasons such as

  • her closeness to the first family of Indian Politics.
  • rumoured  Lutyens kitty party circle.  

Sonia Gandhi


The whole point of the article from Indian Express was to put Sonia’s photo as the benevolent mother, and her “young” dynamic son Rahul, flanked by the great, erudite and honest minority leader Dr Manmohan Singh. Others in the photo are faded so they matter little except one, Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Dr Singh and his boss supremo Sonia, ruthlessly lead India during “Dark Decade of Decay” from 2004 to 2014. During Sonia’s rule, not a quarter passed without a bomb blast, not a month passed without a major riot, not a week passed without a major scam and not a day passed without Indians being reminded how utterly useless they are before the Titans of First Family, her chamchas and her loyal vote bank.

Please look carefully at the photograph as it is the most important part of the article and perhaps the most important photo of today’s Indian Express.

  • Rahul is wearing a hindu looking yellow scarf. Since Gujarat 2017, almost all photos of Rahul will have a Tika, Tilak or some odd Hindu Paraphernalia. IE and all the liberal “pidi patrakars” have mastered the art of subconscious messaging, they always show Rahul with these fake Hindu paraphernalia in order to hoodwink Hindus. 
  • Rahul appears to give some Gyan to Sonia (I wonder what gyan he was giving to Sonia?) and Sonia is calmly listening. Here IE wants to convey to all the doubters that Rahul is so matured now that he can even give gyan to Sonia, the supremo who ruled India for a decade!
  • Dr Singh is as usual stoic. Another message saying that First Family can even control the brightest minds in the world. Such is the power of family name and money.
  • The most important sub plot of the photo is the faded face of Jyotiraditya Scindia! Indian Express is saying to Jyotiraditya “You are nothing before the first family” and you will fade into oblivion without our support. First Family knows Jyotiraditya is one of the potential challenges to Rahul, so they cooly snub him though their “pidi patrakars”.

Rabri Devi


Rabri Devi has been awarded a photo by Indian Express for her loyal support to the first family. Its sad considering the fact she was the CM of Bihar for a very long period. Also to gently remind her party RJD to continue the alliance in Bihar, after all, they have 40 Lok Sabha seats. Never mind her husband is a convicted criminal and her party’s rule single-handedly destroyed the economy of Bihar. Ironic considering the fact that Biharis are some of the most hardworking and brilliant people.

Vijaya Raje Scindia


The snap of late Rajmata Scindia and late Madhavrao Scindia is once again a subtle message to Jyotiraditya Scindia. “None of your family is alive and the first family is your only true boss. Cut your ambitions and declare your unflinching loyalty to the first family.” Is this what IE wants to say? Please note there is no Vasundhara Raje in the photo, while the text in IE mentions her. Anyhow many right wingers want Vasundhara to be replaced as Rajasthan CM. They should wait for May 15 Karnataka results. Perhaps IE wants to say “Vasundhara join the first family and earn a mother’s day photo from Indian Express“!

Nandini Satpathy

Nandini Satpathy’s son Tathaghat Satpathy is a two time BJD MP from Odisha! Perhaps Indian Express is reminding him, “come join the first family as your mom was with them”.

Maneka Gandhi 

Nutrition council rejects Maneka’s proposal to replace anganwadi rations with nutrient packages  

Maybe Maneka Gandhi earned her spot in Indian Express because of her WhatsApp group. Anyhow, we can very soon expect a long-form article from her son Varun Gandhi, who is famous for never publicly wishing Modi on his sweep in Uttar Pradesh, about some arcane subject! Many right wingers ask “Why is Maneka still a minister in Modi’s cabinet?”

By omitting PM Modi’s mother, Indian Express one of the best “Pidi Patrakars” in Lutyens Delhi has taken the art of liberal snubs to entirely new lows.

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