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Introduction of Internet Based Voting Through e-Postal Ballot

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Recently, the decision of the government to introduce the e-Postal ballot system was marked as a step towards the introduction of internet-based voting system. On 21st October 2016, a notification was issued which enabled the service voters that is army personnel including their wives to cast their vote in the election through e-postal ballot.

What is e-postal ballot?

e-Postal voting system

In the e-Postal ballot system, a blank postal ballot paper would be transmitted through email. After that, the ballot is used to cast the vote, and after marking the vote the same is returned by post to the same returning officer who issued that ballot. It helps to prevent the delay in two-way transmission of ballot paper by using the postal services. The two-way transmission by postal services was not able to meet the expectations of the service voters especially those armed forces who were serving in remote and border areas. The matter was presented in Supreme Court and was request was launched for creating an effective mechanism for the armed personnel and their families. Then the election commission was approached where the technical team developed a system named e-Postal ballot.

Who can use e-Postal ballot system?

  • The armed police forces of the union
  • All other forces that come under the provisions of Army act
  • The Armed forces of a state who is serving outside that state
  • Anyone who is employed and posted outside the country by Government of India

How is it done?


Below mentioned are some steps which will explain the ways by which you can use the process of e-Postal voting system. But it is essential that before the process is started you have to ensure that you come under the eligibility criteria set by the government. Once it is confirmed that you are service personnel then you can proceed with the following steps:

  • Firstly, you have to register yourself as a service personnel.
  • After that, you will receive an e-Postal ballot by the returning officer via email. You will receive the ballot, 14 days in advance so that you enough time to return it back.
  • Once you receive the ballot you have to take a printout of the ballot forms and envelopes and after filling the required details in the space provided, you have to mark your vote.
  • Further, you have to get it attested by any government official.
  • You have to use the envelope that has been sent with a ballot to return it back to the returning official via postal service.

As you receive the mail 14 days ahead, so it is your responsibility that the whole process is completed within the 14 days then only your vote will be considered. The government has taken a good step by involving the internet partially. This has reduced the disappointment of the army personnel to some extent. The voting would become more easy process if it is done through the e-voting app launched by right2vote. In this app, there will be complete use internet which will make voting much more comfortable to exercise.

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