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Aiyaary movie review

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One big factor that pulls audience to theaters is the stardom a movie’s cast has to offer. While in other parts of the globe, it is just one of the many factors, the signature styles and brand value of actors in India remain the one and only root cause of the thriving business of almost all major commercially successful Indian movies.

And then there are directors like Neeraj pandey, Raju Hirani and Sanjay Leela Bhansali who have the audacity to attract audience with their own brand name as directors. Neeraj Pandey is known for his no-nonsense movies. If we talk of modern day original thrillers, Neeraj pandey is one big name we have to consider. Be it A Wednesday, Special 26 or Baby, Neeraj’s loyal audiences have never been disappointed. This time he has come up with a very firm stand on corruption.

Aiyaary delivers a subtle message which hits hard on corruption. He has openly abused Lutyens’ Delhi and exposed the politician-journalist nexus. In this 160 minute long espionage thriller, he has shown how people for their individual gains can even go against the law, country and can mock the contributions, sacrifices and very existence of a common man.

Aiyaary focuses on two army officers and tussle between their ideologies. The young one is fed up of the system and decides to sell the secret information to some businessman (which might destroy Indian Army’s image) and spend rest of his life lavishly. Both the army officials are experts in disguises. Both are brave and true to their duty. Manoj is exceptionally well. Vikram Gokhale, Kumud Mishra, Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher, Adil Hussain all have played their role sincerely.

The only low point is Rakul Preet’s role and it could be shortened by 5 minutes. Siddharth’s character could’ve been sketched a little better as people can’t actually figure out why the hell all this drama had happened. Cinematography and BGM are worth praising. Neeraj pandey (producer) has put in more money which unfortunately may not be recovered fully because of the inevitable clash with Black Panther and reasonably tough competition with Padman.

One possible reason of this not having convincing word of mouth might be how Neeraj has not chosen to connect all the dots and left it open to interpretation which might not tickle the movies-buffs habitual to spoon feeding by lower grade predictable commercial cinema like Tiger Zinda Hai.

I won’t say this is an example of bad or casual filmmaking. Hopefully Neeraj gets the feedback and will come up with more preparation next time but one shouldn’t miss this too. One should watch this to witness the bravery and commitment of our Army soldiers towards their country.

One should watch this to understand that giving up is not an option when it comes to protect the country.

My rating is 3*.

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