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When will India return Jaipur back to Pakistan?

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Pakistan is simply not co-operating with India in this process.

The Narendra Modi-led BJP government had spoken to the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif about returning Jaipur to Pakistan way back in 2015.

Pakistan’s claim is only for Jaipur (a land mass amidst Rajasthan of 111.8 which is approximately 617 KM away from India-Pakistan Border is hypothetical.

There is a major issue like what Pakistan faced in 1947 to connect between present-day Bangladesh and Pakistan, the Indian territory in between. For which the Indian government has proposed to create an underground tunnel of 620 KM. Pakistan seems to have invested in CPEC already, and the tunneling process at 0.75 Billion Dollars per km would cost approximately $450 Billion.

CPEC is a disaster which Pakistan fails to understand, Jaipur would rather add vows to their problems thanks to the cost involved in the tunneling process. If a country is not capable of paying $50 Billion, thereby submitting themselves to China, then at $450 Billion, Pakistan would be a good buy for any nation interested in good geographical connect to the Middle East and the African nations.

But any nation would consider Return on Investment as Jaipur isn’t economically viable and the tunneling cost is twice the Pakistan’s GDP. So you guys just forget about Jaipur.

Before jumping on me in the comment’s section, this question is a troll, and I wanted to answer it the way it has to be done.

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