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Fearing drop in supply of fake news as fact checking site ties up with media groups

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Fact checking website OpIndia has decided to tie up with various media outlets for its regular supply of fake news. News network AntiTV, online news portal Voyeur, left leaning, Squint and some other media groups have inked a deal with OpIndia to provide the site its staple diet.

Among these outlets AntiTV had the first-mover advantage but rest have made a mark for themselves in fake news vertical in a very short space of time. Opindia CEO Rolls Royce Singh said that though these groups were already providing material for daily production, both sides have decided to formalize this arrangement. The development completes a full circle as the media outlets who were earlier accusing Opindia of riding piggyback on their lies to attract traffic are now looking to benefit from Opindia’s ability to attract more eyeballs than MSM.

However, insiders tell a different story. They say that media groups had threatened to halt production of fake news, sending shivers down OPIndia’s editorial team as they had grown complacent regarding regular traffic of lies by media groups. A senior editor in the fact checking site told Faking News on conditions of anonymity that this agreement is fallout of this fear of the editorial staff of OPIndia.

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