Illogical debate over PM’s Twitter followings and how it is just a propaganda

The NDTV’s Truth vs Hype debate where the anchor strongly demands PM to unfollow the users who have abused on the death of a journalist’s death, is completely illogical and lame and clearly seen as a propaganda against him as they are carrying it for many years.

For the sake of the argument we can assume that the profiles they showed have tweeted abusive tweets.

Is it possible that Mr. Prime Minister might have skipped the tweets?


The user has deleted it?


And if the user has deleted that tweet what proof do you have that the pictures you are showing are authentic as they can easily be forged.

So why should he unfollow his followings? On just a TV channel’s debate? What if he does not watch NDTV?

Is it not a feeblest claim or accusation NDTV is asking or are they trying so hard to bring anything against him?

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