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The new world order- Is World War III a possibility?

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When the World War II ended post fall of Germany & Japan by 1945, the world had lost 60 million people by then which was quite a remarkable number at that time. Europe had borne the brunt of this loss the most, especially the Soviet Union despite its victory. The British Empire, the largest at that time was on verge of decline and its prized possessions like India was getting restless for her independence. The Empire had no choice but to oblige, given the tremendous strain on their financial resources that got depleted post World War II. France was devastated even after its victory. And Italy, Germany and Japan were left to ruins of the glorious past they had.

Post World War II, and with the formation of United Nations, everyone hoped that world would be a safe place to live in. But it wasn’t to be. After Hitler’s desire to rule Europe, that triggered World War II, it was West’s (primarily US which was the only West Power as a superpower post fall of British Empire) desire to make the world a Capitalist economy (where the rich become richer and poor become poorer) and the need to check Soviet Union which was a Communist economy (where state owns everything and decides who will be rich and poor), led to the onset of the Cold War. A war not fought with weapons but with the need to be better than other. It all started with the Bifurcation of Germany on US/USSR lines in 1949 and ironically also ended with the fall of Berlin Wall in  1989. Although it initial it seemed as a battle for being the global superpower in information,technology, space and weapons, it eventually ventured way beyond it by proxy wars on foreign soils.

It started with Korean War in 1950 and ended with Soviet Union’s retreat from Afghanistan in 1989. Both Powers had been eye to eye for 40 years to be better than other, threatening to end the world with a Nuclear Holocaust which had reached its brink in 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. During this 40 years, they had fought proxy wars in Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Indian Subcontinent and Afghanistan to name a few. But with the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989 and fall of the Soviet Union in 1990 with its dissolution into 15 new countries, the world eventually had only one superpower, The United States of America. The lowering of Soviet Flag at Kremlin on 25th December 1991 led the Stars and Stripes flag to fly high and the world hoped that peace was now really possible. But that was not to be. Famous US President Ronald Reagan who is credited to be the one to have ended Cold War once said, “Government isn’t the solution to the problem, Government is the problem”. It was true.The Cold War for 40 years has sowed the seeds of an imminent World War III in future due to the proxy wars of these countries during the Cold War. But UK, Germany & France which are at forefront during first 2 wars are nowhere near to be the global forces again. Instead of them, the new kids on the block which were nowhere in the picture when World War II ended, are now at the forefront who could determine the New World Order in the years to come.

The countries that today have a say at the New World Order are:

  • USA- This country is still the strongest nation in the free world even  after 70 years and still leads the World Order. It is still and will always remain the Toughest SOB to beat.
  • Russia- Despite its bifurcation in 1991, it still commands respect and power in global order. Given its large land area and tough terrain, it still cant be defeated by any country in the world in military warfare. If Hitler and US for 40 years couldn’t, no one ever can.
  • China- The imminent threat to USA, as the only strong communist economy remaining in the world today. It has both what Russia and USA had during 1960’s. A strong economy (until the recent past) and a strong military combined.
  • Israel- The Israel- Palestine issue is an issue for ages. This country has fought its Arab neighbours for last 70 years and has still remained undefeated. Easily, one of the most shrewd country in the world. Any spark in the region again, would could trigger the war on religious lines.
  • India-  The country which was known to be non aligned to anyone, in recent years has known to take tough stands for their interests. While they were close with Soviet Union due to USA’s alliance with Pakistan earlier, in recent years have shown friendliness towards USA for its economic interests. They have balanced their scales well between Russia and USA for its military and economic interests but this bubble can burst when it would come to taking sides. In recent times, is emerging as a recognizable force in world order. The West is promoting it to negate China. India has one of the most volatile border disputes with its neighbours ie. Pakistan and China
  • Iran- The only remaining West defiant nation in the Arab World, could well determine the new order in the Arab World in future.
  • North Korea- The surprise entrant in this list. Of late, this isolated country has been daring the world for an armed conflict especially the West. Any trigger in the Korean Peninsula would bring the world into a full fledged war.
  • Pakistan- The notorious neighbour of India, is unofficially considered as haven for terrorists by the world, with the breeding of Mujahideen during the Soviet-Afghan War, which eventually led to formation of Taliban & Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and numerous terrorist groups aimed at destroying India for the Kashmir cause.

While the first two World War’s were fought over sovereignty pride and for pride over Europe, the next one would be primarily on religion and then for land. So this brings us to the countries which could actually trigger it:

  • Israel- This country has both the trigger points. A disputed border with Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Jordan plus a religious crusade with Arabs (Muslims). As it is said, the situation in Arab Land is now like a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode.
  • India & Pakistan- These countries have fought tooth and nail in 4 wars now. These wars started on a religious ground post partition of homeland of India for Hindus and Muslims in 1947. It was coupled with fight for land of Kashmir which both the parties claim to be theirs. In legal terms, India has the Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja of Kashmir in 1948. So it has unquestionable right over the land. However as per Pakistan, India still hasn’t held the plebiscite which UN instructed to do after ceasefire in 1949 and it feels people of Kashmir would surely vote for acceding to Pakistan if its held. The terrorism harbored by Pakistan and development of nuclear weapons by both countries in the past 40 years has made the Indian subcontinent very restless and its waiting for patience of India to explode.
  • North Korea- The isolated country has a historic border dispute with South Korea. This country remains today the only country which could actually bring back horrors of Cold War on the forefront again. North Korea is near to Russia & China and any aggression of West could be seen by them as a threat to their lands and could trigger a war.

Everyone thought that post formation of UN and globalization, the world would be inter-connected and inter-dependent so much that wars would now be a remote possibility. But its rightly said “Religion isn’t the cause of war, but an excuse”. And the World War III would be on those lines only. As all religions state that mankind would end one day due to huge catastrophe. It will surely be a man-made catastrophe. And religion would be the cause for it. This has been severed beyond repair and its only a matter of time or years when we have to face the reality of living in shadows of a World War again. Also, if it happens, post it, there wont be any superpowers and the countries if they survive wont be even a shadow of their past.

“An eye for an eye makes the world blind”. Precisely the reason, why World War III is a possibility. (While I hope it doesn’t for mankind to be present for centuries ahead)

This is my first blog. I have tried to convey my genesis on the topic as far as possible. I would be coming up with my short insights on various other topics around the globe in the future too

Happy Reading! And keep motivating me for Happy Writing too!

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