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When “Beta, Beti Ek Saman” then why different treatment for Beti’s #WWC17 matches broadcast on DD National?

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Indian Women Cricket Team is in Semifinal of  ICC World Cup 2017. It’s a matter of great pride for all of us. I was following women cricket team match updates via news medium mainly by social media Twitter and Facebook. I was excited after reading about starting two matches’ encounters updates so I had decided to watch upcoming matches on TV. I was happy that many youth, boys and girls in village; city will get inspired by watching live matches broadcast on DD National.

It was Super Sunday on 2nd July’17 as match was against Pakistan. I tried on all channel of DD Network to watch live match but couldn’t find the match broadcast. I was not getting a reason why women world cup is not being broadcast while we were watching the champions trophy matches live on DD National.  So I googled and found that BCCI and DD National are not broadcasting ICC #WWC17 matches. I came to know about broadcast on Star Network and Hot Star but not seen the match on TV as I was not having Star Sports channels in my TV channel list. It was disappointing for me and may be disappointing for many cricket fans who started following women cricket team.

Don’t know the reason, why BCCI and DD Network not decided to broadcast these matches. I have shared my view with many journalists, male and women cricketers, concerned minister and ministry about this on SM. I have not even seen any news channel of main stream media covering this issue. Many were congratulating Women cricket team player over wins to Captain Ms. Mithali, Smriti Mandhana, Harmanpreet Kaur, Ekta Bisht, Jhulan Goswami, Punam Raut and other players but I have not noted any star player asking for broadcast of #WWC17 broadcast on DD Network same like Man Cricket Team Matches Broadcast.

I know current government is focusing on sports and has been taking up many new initiatives for good result in sport field and the issue of non broadcast of such matches is not new. The reason today I am writing and sharing this view is because I believe this old practice can be changed in the regime of this government only. Today I am giving time and caring to share my view to broadcast matches of women cricket team because positive change is expected by this government, keeping past events in notice. This has inspired me to pen down my view.

I think, this is also a part of women empowerment and by providing broadcast of women team matches; it will surely motivate and inspire many young girls to adopt cricket and other sports as career. We can see there is a big difference in women and men’s team which is not limited to broadcast only. We can see difference in their annual contract value too. But I am positive that soon this difference will cut short and slogan of “Beta, Beti Ek Saman” will be true someday.

We have seen many new initiatives for girl’s empowerment and we are witnessing positive result in different fields either in education or sport. Now it’s the best time to give same respect and broadcast right to Women Team matches on DD Network as Men’s Matches gets, which was ignored in previous government regime.

I am positive that slogan of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao and Beti Khilao” will include “Betiyo Ka Match bhi Dhikao on DD Network”.

This is my first post and this is dedicated for our women cricket team and cricket lovers. Thank you for inspiration and motivation. I will definitely watch semifinal match live on internet.

On behalf of all cricket fans, I would like to wish best of luck to Women Cricket Team for their semi final. We are proud of you and you have our full support. Our best wishes are with whole team, I wish you win semifinal and give us more reason to cheer for you.

Neer Joy

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