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Home Satire Kattappa killed Baahubali because he asked for corn fry in the local drama theatre

Kattappa killed Baahubali because he asked for corn fry in the local drama theatre

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Mahizhmathi. In a dramatic turn of events, Kattappa killed Baahubali over a corn fry, known as popcorn in the 20th century and afterwards. The incident happened in a local drama theatre which was not too far away from the palace, it was learnt by the kingdom’s spy.

Kattappa and Baahubali went to a dance-drama enacted by one of Mahizhmathi’s art, cultural and literature teams. Both were disguised as local potato sellers. The entry fee was exorbitant due to the popularity of the drama. Kattappa was restless from the beginning as he was the one to pay for the entry fee. When Baahubali asked for corn fry during the intermission, Kattappa decided to kill.

The corn fry was served in three sizes. Small, medium and large scoops. When Baahubali asked for the large scoop, Kattappa planned the coup. He did warn Baahubali that the corn fry prices are a killer. Baahubali wouldn’t understand. The next warning was even more explicit. He said the corn will sharply cut into anyone asking for it. Still Baahubali wouldn’t listen. In one swift motion, Kattappa took out his sword and killed Baahubali.

When he reported of the incident to the Royal high command, Kattappa was appreciated for his act. Anybody who spends disproportionate prices on anything, spending people’s money, cannot be in power, Sivagami said. Since the corn fry vendor was from a nearby Kingdom under the provisions of Direct Investment Act, Mahizhmathi couldn’t take action on them, Sivagami explained to Kattappa.

The corn fry would go on to kill several families, Mahizhmathi’s descendents would learn centuries later. In the war of power, money and greed only the popcorn survived and is still killing people in the 21st century, Baahubali viewers from all over the world would learn further after watching the magnum opus.

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