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Ethical Hackers Club- a place where victims find free cyber security support

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It was 3 months back when a friend was facing Cyber Crime issues online and was struggling for the solutions. I will be describing her case. A year ago my friend Jill (name changed for her privacy) went leaving her home with her boyfriend with a wish to spend her life with him for ever. Her parents wouldn’t support her so that’s the option she felt would be good. But within a few months the boy left her and she had no options but to be back home. She returned. A few months later she found that her Facebook password was changed, all recovery options deleted, and the account was completely in control of her EX. While she ignored the case her Ex Started posting her private moments with him over internet through the hacked account. Her parents agreed to file in an FIR against the same. The account was so genuinely her that no one was able to gain back the access or either able to get it deleted.

That’s when we started surfing internet for Hackers. An Officer from police station informed us a hacker can solve this problem. So we started surfing for good hackers. Although up-till now we always had in mind a hacker is a bad buy actually a criminal. But her trouble was so big that we needed one so we surfed. We felt we are going to be charged a great amount but still we needed help and we started surfing Facebook itself for Ethical Hackers and we Found about Ethical Hackers Club.

Ethical Hackers Club
Picture Copied from Ethical Hackers Club‘s Official Facebook Page With Permissions

The Cover Picture was so catchy that we felt this team can actually help us but we still wanted to be sure. We visited their site and we found it to be ads free. Our trust was increased by watching the contents and reading about how they operate. It was then that we left in the message through Facebook page and we received reply withing few minutes. The experts from their team were were supportive with their words. All they wanted us to be is genuine. We were using Fake accounts as we couldn’t trust any random person over internet. They caught us and they informed us we help only genuine people. They told they were here only to help and they in no way can support criminal activities or can in no way give any information to anyone acting criminal in any way. They informed us by using a fake account we too are getting involved in a cyber crime activity. Jill asked her brother to have words with them.
When Jill’s brother contacted them they agreed to help us. They requested us to go ahead and file an FIR against the issue and to be honest in our approach. We informed them that we have already filed and FIR for the same and we have permissions to get account deleted, and even the officials are trying their best to do the same. They Provided us with the contact number and they had words with the officer who was going through our case, They helped out in all proper ways and got the account deleted. And all at the end they didn’t charge a single amount of money.

We were very thankful for the teams support and we found out a few details about them.

It was 2010 When the founder of Ethical Hackers Club completed his masters in Programming and Ethical Hacking and wished to work for the welfare of Nation by his knowledge. He noticed all the scams going ahead across the country online and on the other hand the scams in the name of Ethical Hacking and Boot Camps. He started an Initiative to take a stand against all the issues. Soon when he created the page two of the IT students from Saint John College Palghar  Joined him in his initiative and they registered a firm with the name Secret to Success & EHC. And by doing that they were very clear in their mission to help the nation. The provide free support to victims by all their skills. Only a Victim can say how helpful they are and only a victims understands we do need more people like Ethical Hackers Club’s team.
They new it’s not going to be easy to solve problems having their different jobs and helping was actually a full time deal for them.

They Found it wasn’t the mistake of anyone and Government can’t always be blamed for mistakes made by people, they say, “Your Intelligence is your only Protection.”

And to increase that they started an Initiative to increase Cyber Security Awareness by their Events, Seminars, and Boot Camps which are all closely to be free. They saw people doing the same work were earning a huge amount from students in the name of awareness and they wanted Each one to be aware of this. So they started by registering a firm for Cyber Security Awareness by themselves and started for the same to make Knowledge available for each student out there at his affordable price. A price every individual uses on his snacks each day.

They encourage more good IT professionals to join them and be part of their team through their website. And they say all they need is just a helping mind. Find out more about them on their official Website

Ethical Hackers Club

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