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Why does NYT lionize Middle Eastern refugees but belittle ISRO?

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee is a columnist and author.  

The other day, ISRO did something absolutely amazing. It launched 104 satellites in one go, turning (jealous) heads across the world. The previous record was 37. Leading the charge of the jealousy brigade were the liberal elite eggheads at the New York Times.


Ha! Trying to run down ISRO’s amazing achievement by calling the satellites as “doves”.

It is not like the New York Times is a first time offender when it comes to throwing needless and frankly, pathetic insults at India and our space program. Who can possibly forget this cartoon?


India depicted as a poor farmer with cattle?  Talk about stereotypes! Can you imagine a secular refugee from the Middle East depicted as sitting on a camel with a suicide belt? Of course not! That would be “culturally insensitive”. But somehow, when it comes to Indians, all the sensitivity training, all the moral outrage about micro-aggressions and every other fancy word in the dictionary of the liberal elite on the US East Coast goes right out of the window.

More important than simply outraging about the New York Times and its attitude towards India is understanding this phenomenon and the reasons behind it. Mere outrage against the NYTimes only inflates their sense of self-importance.

We have to ask: why is it that the liberal elite at the New York Times choose to lionize people from the Middle East and run down people from India? Right now, all you will hear from the American liberal elite is how the Middle East produces doctors, lawyers, scientists, entrepreneurs, how the Middle East is all about dedicated fathers, caring mothers and a wonderful culture. But India? India is all about rape. And open gutters filled with raw sewage.

Why is it that a culture which produces so many suicide bombers is systematically glorified but India’s ISRO is projected as a joke?

It all comes down to the ultimate core of liberalism: rewarding bad behavior.

Because angry Indians tweet. Angry people of another faith choose to fly planes into buildings. In liberalism, the person who shows the most violent and psychotic behavior is allowed to move right to the front of the line!

In the collectivist mindset of the liberal elite, the world is divided neatly into classes with each group having a fixed, specific role. Roughly speaking, the people of color are supposed to behave like petulant children, forever whining to be granted favors. On the other hand, white people, especially white males are supposed to be the indulgent grown ups.

And when someone “breaks character” and start to act as individuals, the liberals get mad. Really really mad. This is why right wing women such as Sarah Palin received such vicious hate from liberals. Because they shunned the victimhood role that feminism chooses for women. A similar fate awaits any black person who wants to be treated as an individual, outside of the preferred liberal victim narrative for their community.

Lets look at the people from the Middle East. Any elite American media outlet today is overflowing with narratives of immigrants from the Middle East shaming America for being so intolerant and unwelcoming!

A simple analogy will show how absurd this is. Imagine an Indian who goes to America and gives a long lecture about how there is too much garbage lying around in American roads and towns. He or she would be subject to immediate ridicule and for good reason!

Now think of a person coming from Syria or Iran or Pakistan and talking about how America is intolerant towards people of minority religions. Ha! In their home countries, leaving the majority religion and/or blasphemy is generally punishable by death.

They worry about “Muslim bans” (only 7 out of 57 Muslim majority nations were subject to this!) and about “extreme vetting” and “discriminatory” attitudes of the United States government? Really? Their countries actually have a decades old ban on any entrant from Israel; the only Jewish majority nation on earth!

They really complain about refugees not being welcomed in America? Most of the rich Middle Eastern countries did not let even a single refugee in. What about Americans welcoming others into their society? Well, most Middle Eastern countries do not allow anyone to naturalize as a citizen unless they are descended from a specific tribe. A person and his parents and their parents before them could have all been born in the Middle Eastern country and they would still be foreigners!

It is hard to imagine any person from the Middle East perceiving America, even Trump’s America as anything but a heaven overflowing with rivers of freedom.

But the liberals won’t point it out. Especially the liberals at the New York Times. Because they treat Muslims as petulant children wailing for a shiny new toy in the store aisle. Because children don’t have to give logic or rationale or take responsibility. Children are not required to justify their choices. And you have to be nice to little kids. That makes Trump a monster, for he isn’t kind to children.

But Indians are different. They don’t behave like children. We want to play with the big boys and with the big toys. We want to make rockets that reach distant worlds. We want to build schools and universities and industries and cities. We want our own bullet trains.

This makes the liberal elite very insecure and unsure of what to do. In their nervousness, the liberal elites who see themselves as grown ups, end up acting like jealous teenagers in high school. Now read the tweet at the top of the article about India’s “dove satellites”? Do you see the jealous teenager behind it? Good.

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee is a columnist and author.  
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