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Gurmehar is not a student, she is a carefully crafted tool of propaganda

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Imagine you are an ordinary student from among the millions of students in India. You use Facebook as do most students. You post a political message on your Facebook profile. Do you expect national media to pick this story up? Do you think media persons have nothing better to do than seeing the Facebook posts of millions of students? Well, if we are to believe the narrative being woven, Gurmehar Kaur, was one such average student whose Facebook post making a political statement went viral, leading to coverage by national media. But is it so? Is she just a “student”? For this, one has to go back in time.

First of all, let’s make her political leanings clear. She has been seen actively posting pro-AAP material on Facebook. Not a crime, but we know her soft corner at least:

And this is not her first brush with viral campaigns or the media. She was part of video directed by the notorious Anti-Modi Facebook page: Voice of Ram. In fact the placard which has got trolled the most (Pakistan didn’t kill my father) is from the very same video. This video came out in May 2016 and was highly publicised by NDTV under the title: ‘No Soldier Wants War’: Kargil Martyr’s Daughter Fights For Peace.

Before we move ahead, we must know about Voice of Ram as well. This page is run my Ram Subramanian, who has openly supported AAP and in fact he has worked and produced various campaigns for AAP. He even posted this selfie which he claims is the exact moment when AAP got majority in Delhi:

Image result for ram subramanian aap

Ram Subramanian might now be crying for Gurmehar since she is allegedly receiving rape threats, but not long ago, he was defending rapists, just because they were AAP members:

Coming back to Gurmehar, not only is she a fan of AAP, she has even helped AISA, the radical leftist student body, to recruit members:

Her association with radical leftists continues as she was part of a panel, discussing how India should go soft on Pakistan, with known trouble makers like Jihn Dayal, Kavita Krishnan and Shabnam Hashmi.

Her views are in fact so radical that from this Facebook post, it appears she was defending the daylight murder of a Russian Ambassador by Syrian terrorists:

The common thread between her love for AAP and Commies probably stems from the fact that PM Narendra Modi is the prime target of both AAP and the Commies. Her social media posts revealed she too is a rabid Modi hater:

So an “ordinary student” was in fact a seasoned political social media user, with known anti-BJP anti-Modi leanings, who has taken various forums to speak her mind out. There is nothing wrong in this, except that right now, media is marketing her as an independent young voice from the student community, who is being attacked for being anti-establishment. No madam, you are being countered for being stupid.

P.S.: This Gurmehar is such a liar that even the story of her father being martyred at Kargil is a lie. Her father was martyred while providing security to the Amarnath Yatra. His supreme sacrifice is still worthy of respect but his daughter has shamelessly dragged him to gain sympathy, that to by lying about him.

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