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We Crooked Indians! Kya Hum Sabh Chor Hai?

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Last few days of news have been a bit depressing and revealing at the same time for me…!

From my earlier posts, it’s quite obvious that I was (and I am) quite gung-ho about demonetization and the drive to purge India of black money. A blow to a class of citizens who have been leeching on India- by tax evasion and corrupt practices. In one’s mind, this conjured a picture of big traders/businessmen, contractors and officials- who concealed their earnings or ill-gotten wealth. And in contrast, the pitiful salaried mass which bore the brunt of taxes on their meagre wages, being the honest class.

But, maybe I was wrong. To paraphrase a dialogue from “A Wednesday”, maybe, “…We are just honest by force, not by choice!” We are honest- only because we never got an opportunity or had enough nerve to cheat and evade taxes, beyond petty ones. And, when this opportunity came to a few over last few weeks, they grabbed it.

Look at the news over last several days:

Millions are being found in laundered money, in new currency across the country- with politicians, Babus, businessmen. The channel of laundering invariably is some ingenious new method that didn’t even exist earlier. Of course, the rich and corrupt will try all possible means to save their stash. But this time, it is the erstwhile honest common man helping them save and launder it. No, I am not referring to money mules or Jan-Dhan-Accounts or the weak and exploited. And it’s neither these new helpers are helpless and forced under dire threat to do it.

While millions of common bank & postal employees are doing an amazing job; a few within them who got the opportunity made the most of it. Ordinary white collared bank managers, even postmasters, NGOs and charitable organizations and many such otherwise seemingly regular honest folks have become money launderers overnight.

What makes this possible? What makes us do this? Are we genetically programmed to be corrupt, if the right opportunity comes forth? If this is who we are – do we really deserve a better governance? Do we even have a moral right anymore to point fingers at corrupt politicians? The scams we rue and lament about – are just missed opportunities that went someone else’s way. We all say we want Mother India to be saved and to prosper. But, we expect someday a Krishna avatar will come and magically save her. Till then, let us continue being Dusshasana…

Kya hum sab chor hain?:


Telangana: Police recovers #demonetised currency worth Rs 12 lakh in Mahbubnagar; arrests 3 persons including a postmaster.
— ANI (@ANI_news) December 1, 2016 

Rogue cops laundering money…
— SoulinExile is Back (@SoulInExile) December 1, 2016


The postmaster planned to divert pension money to convert #Maoist old currency into new. Arrested in #Mahbubnagar :
— T S Sudhir (@Iamtssudhir) December 1, 2016

Bengaluru: Income Tax dept seizes Rs 5 crore cash in new and old currency
— DNA (@dna) December 1, 2016

New Notes Worth Rs 4.7 Crore Seized In I-T Raid On CM Siddaramaiah’s Aides in Bengaluru
— Prasanna Viswanathan (@prasannavishy) December 2, 2016

As per #PublicTV ₹5.7Cr seized by IT Dept from 2 State Govt Officials is actually a part of ₹16Cr of new notes exchanged by 5 Govt Officials
— Narayan (@bns5) December 2, 2016

#Big5At10 with @bhupendrachaube | Operation #BlackBankers exposé shows that the rot runs deeper, Axis Bank manager agrees to launder money
— News18 (@CNNnews18) November 29, 2016

10 held for facilitating notes exchange, Rs. 1 crore seized: The Coimbatore City Police along with Income Tax…
— Tamil Nadu News (@NewsinTamilNadu) November 28, 2016

CNN-News18’s @Ashish_Mehrishi exposes ‘Big Bank Fraud’ – @AxisBank branch accused of converting black money
— News18 (@CNNnews18) November 28, 2016

Rs 1 crore in scrapped, new notes seized from diamantaire’s office
— Surat Journal (@suratjournal) November 30, 2016

Rs one crore in demonetised notes seized in Vizag
— Ten News India (@TenNewsDotIn) November 30, 201

Demonetisation: ED conducts countrywide searches at over 40 locations; Rs 1.20 crore cash seized

Maoists Extorting Money Gave Him 2 Bags Of Cash To Exchange

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A Soul in Exile. A Kashmiri Pandit Refugee in India. Tech wage slave in Bangalore. News freak in general.
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