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Beware of the TREACHEROUS PROXY SNAKES in our backyard (aka Asteen ke Saanp)

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The surgical strikes in Pakistan occupied Kashmir demonstrate that we now have a government who has unshackled the army giving it all operational freedom to respond to terror strikes and fully backing it politically. This marks a watershed moment in our fight against terrorism sponsored by Pakistan govt and army.  Gone are the days when we would have “Kadi Ninda” as the highest level of response to a terror strike.

In this backdrop let’s discuss about two contrasting groups of people relevant to the current context:

  • One comprises all the soldiers who are willing to fight for us and also willing to die just to keep us safe. The recent terror strikes in Pathankot and Uri the nation lost more than 20 of our brave hearts while guarding against Pakistani terrorists. We know them as ARMED FORCES.
  • The second is a breed of people whose singular aim in life is to protect the interest of Pakistan while running their livelihood in India and sucking it dry. The unexpected cross LoC response has traumatized this select group of people in India more than the Paki establishment. They do not leave out any opportunity to run down the country and the Indian Armed forces both here in India and across the world. We can call them as TREACHEROUS PROXY SNAKES in India. They are most likely to be activated in India to work for their masters in Pakistan and to inflict maximum economic, security and social damage on India.

So who are these second set of people the TREACHEROUS PROXY SNAKES in India? Let me explain that in a little more detail with examples:

  1. GREEDY SCUMS worried about situation of not being able to earn money from releasing movies in Pakistan. If that offends the majority of Indians – so be it as they don’t care a damn. This trait is basically called GREED and includes the like of Mahesh Bhatt
    1. Mahesh Bhatt – Father of Rahul Bhatt who helped David Coleman Headley in scouting for places to attack for the 26/11 strikes by Pakistani trained terrorists. He also has the distinction of blaming RSS for 26/11 attacks and praising the terrorist inspirer Zakir Naik that he stands out for the truth. He now has the balls to say we need to give a chance to peace. Cynically – this looks like a waving of the white flag by a Paki Proxy.
    2.  Salman Khan – With cases against him of running over people on a pavement and shooting endangered black buck running, he has the audacity of backing Paki based actors. Says they came on a Visa issued by the Indian Govt. That is a separate topic of discussion, if these actors came on tourist visas and engaged in commercial activities. And furthermore he had no comments on Pakistan denying visa to Anupam Kher but expects all generosity from India. Why??? Because of movie revenue from Pakistan.
    3. Then there is the BDB – Bollywood Dumbo Brigade. Some of the key participants being Kalki Kochelin, Dia Mirza, Shruthi Seth etc. They have no clue about the ground situation and will tweet out motherhood and apple pie crap just to remain in the limelight. They have no qualms about being completely insensitive about the deaths of our soldiers. Unfortunately the nationalists on twitter fall for their bait and make them popular by slamming them rather than ignore them.

  2. There are the second set of TRACHEROUS PROXY SNAKES who exist in the garb of some of the Journalists in India. The undisputable leader of this pack is Barkha Dutt with her alleged active role in brokering places of ministers in Manmohan Singh’s cabinet in 2009 along with Nira Radia:
    1. Barkha Dutt takes the cake in describing the terrorist Burhan Wani of Pak supported Hizbul Mujahideen as the “son of a Headmaster”. She never took the time to understand if there was the son of farmer/laborer who joined the Indian army and was killed by the Paki sponsored terrorists.

Barkha is notorious for having allegedly shared with the terrorists the location of people hiding during the 26/11 attack (Chaitanya Kunte’s blog details that clearly). And there is an encyclopedia on this if you just googled “Barkha 26/11”  .

She has also extremely cleverly gone on to paint a saintly picture of Kanhaiya Kumar of JNU and conveniently camouflaging the anti-national slogans of Kashmir’s azadi that happened under his watch. The same Barkha did not do any significant coverage post the treasonous outburst of Kanhaiya Kumar who called our soldiers as rapists

Her blatant support to Pakistan is well known and she has earned the ultimate prize of being praised by the UN declared International terrorist Hafiz Saeed. Yashwant Deshmukh’s tweet aptly summarizes Barkha’ s tilt of coverage.

2. Rajdeep Sardesai: The journalist who took special taste in fomenting more trouble during the 2002 riots in Gujarat (ref: Manushi link below). He went to classify the terrorist attack in Uri as madness and absolutely no mention of Pakistan. The ordinary Indians on twitter however showed him the mirror and exposed his blatant Pro-Pak bias:

Recently he went to a Paki channel and started badmouthing other fellow Indian journalists. One of the other journalist was known to take a very hard stance against Pakistani sponsored terrorism.

During his coverage of 2002 riots he was clearly hell bent on making the situation worse rather than it was on the ground. There is a whole set of information available on this on the internet. One such excerpt is here titled – NDTV adding fuel to fire during 2002 riots:

He also had the achievement of calling Dawood Ibrahim a patriot, who masterminded the Mumbai blasts and is now hiding in Pakistan under protection from the Pakistani.

3.  Indian Express: “And THEY hanged him” : I don’t have to say any more for this paper which supports a terrorist responsible for the Mumbai blasts.

4. Rahul Kanwal – the most cunning swine in this lot. He conveniently gave out the location of burial of the terrorist Yakub Memon as if sharing about a news break. There were whispers that this was said to be a message from Pakistan to have a major turnout at the burial. This swine had the gall to then go out and blog about the turnout and its implications trying to scare the Indian state.

5. Rana Ayyub – the good thing about her is that she does not have a mask of neutrality, but rather openly supports Pakistan. She is least dangerous in this group.

3. The next lot of these TREACHEROUS PROXY SNAKES are the “Award Wapsi” and “Intellectuals” gang. There is a high probability that this gang would now go all over the world talking about our aggressive stance in an effort to build diplomatic pressure through their incestuous clubs and mutually-beneficial groups/associations. And in the unlikely event of a war with the Pakis these would be the first set of people to ditch India or most likely to damage the country within.

The one Hindi sentence that would aptly describe these TREACHEROUS PROXY SNAKES is “Khate Hinustan ka aur wafadari Pakistan ki”.

What should the patriotic and nationalist do now :

  1. Presurize the govt. to put these SNAKES on a 24 x7 surveillance and unearth their treasonous link to the Pakistani establishment. Once proved, the example set for such behavior must be through the most horrific punishment possible. Don’t know if the Namo govt will oblige here.
  2. Boycott all products, films and other events where these SNAKES or their immediate family is involved. Go to the venues of such events and films to peacefully protest calling out the treason these Snakes are committing. Upcoming examples could be Dangal, Raees etc.
  3. Apart from not watching NDTV, shows of Rajdeep Sardesai and their jamaat – you should uninstall all their apps from your phones, because the reach of the NDTV app is atleast a 100 times more than the channel itself. Also make it a taint if anyone has it installed- make it a point of ridicule. Also do not mark the handle of these SNAKES in your TL. Marking those handles gives them a wider twitter imprint. Instead use images of their tweets to say what you have to say in response to any such tweet.

We may have given a solid beating to the Pakistani terror machine, but the real challenge lies in being extremely vigilant with snakes like these in our backyard who are ready to shame us internationally, engineer riots or cause major caste tensions. These are the “asteen ke saanp” that we need to be aware of – as they will be the medium of Pakistan’s blow back on the surgical strikes.

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