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Janmashtmi Birth of – Nirgun Niranjan

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Janmashtmi depicts the birth of joy , love and divinity. Joy of a cowherd boy who lives a life of a simpleton even being cognizant of his pre-eminence. Joy of celebrating Lords pastimes and enthusiasm in a pious way. Joy of getting immersed in the nectar of bliss, contentment, beatitude, allure and compassion. Joy of paying reverence in the lotus feet of Shri Krisha the only avtaar bearing 16 kalas.

As for love, Shri Krisha is himself a epitome of love. Love here does not elucidate to be in constraints of a distinct being. Love here has extensive meaning. It signifies to be humble , to be compassionate, to be a devout and to be saintly, to be loved and to love so as to become precious to the supreme being – Shri Krisha. Love as manifested by gopis – selfless and resolute . Love as bestowed by queen of vrindavan – Radha Rani . Love which energized even the lifeless entities of Shri vrindavan dham. Love as pure and pious as Radha Rani ‘s heart ( vrindavan).

Divinity and Shri Krisha are synonyms. Divine not only in preaching but also in karma. Divine in a sense that cannot contrive. From being a cowherd to become the sutardhar of the wealthiest and most powerful kingdom of Dwarka. Bearing sudarshan chakra one day annhilating evil and becoming a sarthi of a friend in worlds greatest war. His ways are divine .Lord Krishna conveyed the message of love and humanity to the world. Krishna told the epic poem Bhagavad Gita to the warrior Arjuna ,in which he acclaimed : ”Whenever Dharma, or the situation of law and order, is endangered on this world, I incarnate onto this world to re establish Dharma, law and order, and to protect the Sadhus or saints and to destroy the evil elements of the society.”

Though divinity cannot be alienated from Shri Krisha yet Janmastmi in vrindavan is a affair comprising of रस -flowing like bhagirathi of Bliss for everyone. Every temple has their own euphoric way of celebrations. Shri Radha Raman temple where lord resides himself in a स्वयम्भू विग्रह manifested by devotion of sri gopal bhatt goswami ji celebrates janmashtmi with great enthusiasm.

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