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Get Off your High-Horse Brinjal!!!

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Today I logged on to Twitter and under the “While you were away” tab I saw people trending #Support_Bhak_Sala. So out of curiosity I looked at various at TL’s including that of Bhak_Sala. Surprisingly there was not a single controversial tweet. So I wondered what is it that people are supporting Bhak_Sala for and realized that the assorted set of prestitutes were stalking him for doing Bhak_Sala does best, Expose these prestitutes and their shoddy work.

In the process of trying to find out way to help Bhak_Sala, I searched the web and ended up talking to the JS – MIB, PA to DG- PIB & the ADG – PIB himself. Turns out that in a scenario where if a presstitute or a group of them indulge in cyber stalking, there is nothing that GoI or any of its affiliated agencies can do about it. You are left to fend for yourself. I was informed that all I can do is either arbitrate or file a police complaint.

So trying to search for some other way of supporting Bhak_Sala I hit upon a website This page gives you a synopsis of what is Bhak_Sala all about. The Old Hag / Prestitute has been calling Bhak_Sala all the sort names and has ridiculing him, but I say, in fact challenge Swati Chaturvedi and her community of prestitutes to match Bhak_Sala’s achievement by even 10%.

Forget his professional skills, the guy works with a Pharma Giant with hectic schedule. It is out of his love for writing that he does what he does best. A guy writing as hobby, punching holes in the stories and reports of so called top journalists says a lot about the quality of the journalist and their research.

This attack on Bhak_Sala is not because he said anything demeaning or outrageous about anyone. He just exposed the poor and absolutely filthy levels that journalism in India has fallen to. This attack on Bhak_Sala isn’t an attack on him as individual but it is well targeted and organized attack on the people who expose these prestitutes day-in & day-out. Remember the cases filed against MediaCrooks, Tajinder Bagga, RituRathaur, etc.. The idea is to threaten the alternate voices into silence.

But this group of presstitutes forget that they may still have some hold in the corridors of the power but this corridors of are empowered by us common people. It may be a slow & difficult path but I am sure that the average consumer of news & views by these presstitues will realize their mistake and dethrone them from their imaginative high thrones. My Only wish is this happens sooner than later.

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