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Save the poor cow from secularist’s knives

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Purushottam Kumar
Purushottam Kumar
I work in a software company. I have done Computer Engineering and MBA. I am a keen reader of Vedic literature like Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Chaitanya Charitamrita and other holy books. I love writing articles and publish it in different forums.

So finally the forensic lab in Mathura concluded that the meat at Akhlaq’s house was in fact beef. But as it always happens in India, there will be another test by some other forensic lab which will say that it was not beef. Because in India terrorists can be worshipped by secularists as martyr (e.g. Ishrat) or a Godhra train burning in which children and women were burnt alive by a mob can be presented as a mere accident. Nevertheless the finding not at all justifies the killing of Akhlaq. No one has any right to take the life of other human beings. If anyone is found guilty of violating any law then the law of the land should take care of it.

Amidst all this cacophony the poor cow again will have to bear the brunt of the secular lobby who love to see her dead only because Hindus revere cow, worship cows and the Hindu holy books enjoin that cow should be treated as mother and should be taken care and most importantly should be protected. But the left liberals who loathe Hindus and their beliefs vociferously advocate cow slaughter. After the revelation that the meat was beef the left liberals are shouting what is wrong with beef? And to buttress their point they say that earlier Hindus i.e. followers of Vedas consumed beef.

Now there will be many who will start giving references from Vedic books proving that in Vedas it is mentioned that cows can be killed for eating. They will quote few verses in support of their argument. And we will find many such verses flooding the internet. But the problem is that the way they interpret the Sanskrit verses is grossly incorrect. In English or in Hindi a word mostly has one meaning. But in Sanskrit the same word may have multiple meanings depending on how we pronounce it, spell it and use it. Sanskrit is a complex language and not as simple as Hindi or English.

Just an example: The word “go” (or gau) has three meanings – cow, senses and land. The meaning changes according to the context. This is why when Lord Krishna is called as Govinda it means one who gives pleasure to cows, senses and land. In Vedas there are verses where it is mentioned that “godamana” is essentially for sages. Now our dear left liberals took liberty and have concluded that “go” stands for cows and “damana” means violence (killing) so they said that sages were expected to eat cow meat. But actually the word “godamana” in context with the sages meant controlling (damana) the senses (go).

In Srimad Bhagavatam 6.9.11 it is mentioned that Tvasta, a brahmana, was performing ritualistic ceremony so that Indra could be killed. But instead of chanting the mantra short he chanted it long and as a result of which the meaning of the mantra changed. And the mantra which was being recited so that Indra could be killed now no longer was valid and so Indra was able to kill the enemy. The word was the same “indra-satro” but since it was chanted longer its meaning got changed. So we can see how the meaning of Sanskrit word depends on how it is pronounced and how long it is pronounced and on many other factors. So we should be wary of such gross misinterpretation of holy Vedas.

But why there is attack on holy cow which is revered in the Vedas? It’s pretty simple to understand. Attack on cow implies belittling Vedas (because Vedas recommend cow protection) which means belittling Hindus belief, tradition and culture. It is like indirectly telling Hindus that Vedic books are not worthy to be followed.

Several instances can be cited to show how Hindus always have to compromise with their religious values.

M .F. Hussain is extolled as a great painter although he painted obscene pictures of Hindu deities but Kamlesh Tiwari was put behind bars and is still inside it just because he used derogatory words against Prophet Mohammed. Prashant Poojary who was fighting against “beef Mafia” was too brutally murdered like Akhlaq but his dead body did not bring tears to the eyes of the so called secularists. We all know about the Malda violence and how it was brushed aside. India is the only country where the majority Hindus feel threatened because of large scale conversion which is going on especially in tribal areas by Christian missionaries.

Since Hindus face discrimination in India so some of the Hindus feel that they need to be proactive to protect their religion. Sometimes they resort to violence which is condemnable and bring bad name to Hindus. Violence can never bring any solution. The best approach would be to spread the authentic message of the Vedas.

The leftists cunningly nurtured academicians, writers, newspaper columnists etc. to spread lies about Vedas. They grossly misinterpreted the Sanskrit language to suit their narrative and also made sure that Sanskrit gets uprooted from India so that their lies could not be caught. This is why they vehemently oppose the teaching of Sanskrit language in academic institution.

We should try our best to re-establish the authentic teachings of the Vedas by educating people especially children. Learning Sanskrit should be made mandatory in schools/colleges and if it is not possible in the current environment then parents could take initiative in imparting knowledge of Sanskrit to their wards. This will be of great help in reading and understanding the Vedic literature in the right context. Once the authentic teachings of Vedas reaches to the people then Hindus who are today confused about the Vedic literature will unite and throw away the pseudo seculars who have disdain for Hindus.

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Purushottam Kumar
Purushottam Kumar
I work in a software company. I have done Computer Engineering and MBA. I am a keen reader of Vedic literature like Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Chaitanya Charitamrita and other holy books. I love writing articles and publish it in different forums.
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