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A Bubble We Chose to Ignore – Academics In India

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I read an article that less than 8% of Indian engineers are employable in their respective fields.
I am not going to talk about that. I am going to counter the probable argument that would be placed that they are employable in IT/ITeS sectors.
During IT boom, organisations witnessed a massive resource crunch.This led to myriads of engineering colleges mushrooming every corner of the country. Those colleges assured the students a free pass to any IT/ITeS company. The governments allowed, if not encouraged, ‘Management Quota’ where one can pay to get a seat, if unable to meet the qualification criteria.
They preferred taking in students that couldn’t clear the entrance tests through the infamous management quota. Facing pressure from the parents, many students joined such colleges against their will and ability. Money started pouring in.
They expanded their business by opening arts, science, and business schools. But the employers are as strict as they were before. the interim ebbs in economies rubbed salt to the sore. Many students had to struggle to get a decent paying job to achieve break-even. This resulted in less preference to such colleges. Now, such colleges are under financial stress. As a norm, the first ax fell on the teachers’ pay. There are rumors that many are not paid for almost a year.
So, quality teachers are becoming rare. The vicious cycle is expanding. We have an academic bubble that had busted with a loud noise but we chose to ignore it.

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