The next media hit-job to defame Modi is here: Modi sleeping in Parliament

PM Narendra Modi has the image of someone who has come from a poor background, who has toiled very hard to reach at this stage of his life and has maintained very high work ethics, working for 18 hours a day and person who has not taken a single leave in entire tenure as CM for 13 years and as a PM in last 1 and half year. There has been continuous fake propaganda from last 18 months to malign this image of PM Narendra Modi.

Congress and opposition before May 2014 attacked Modi on his personal life (Snoopgate,Jashodaben) and other cases like 2002, Fake encounters etc but it boomeranged very badly and made demi god out of Modi. There has been change in strategy now where they want to demolish image of PM Modi who is perceived to be hard-working and from a humble background.

Last year they unveiled a campaign with Modi pinstriped suit where they started a rumour that suit cost Rs 10 lakh rupees and it was spread like wild fire with dozens of Prime-time debates on all news channels and some even claim Modi pin-strip suit it was one of the reasons BJP lost in Delhi. By the end of the campaign it was established by media that Modi was no longer the poor Chaiwala and now live very posh life style. Reality was that this suit was gifted by a Surat businessman Rameshkumar Bhikabhai in Vibrant Summit in Gujarat on account of his Son’s birthday slated on 26th Jan 2014. He rubbished the claims that the suit cost Rs 10 lakhs. Later PM Modi auctioned this suit in Surat for 4.31 crore which was donated to charity.

After this success Congress media managers started a campaign that Modi’s Government is Suit Boot Sarkar which cares only for a few Industrialists. Rahul Gandhi propagated that Modi who claims to be Chaiwala is now busy only in foreign tours, flying in Jets, wearing expensive clothes and meeting influential people.  This was re-iterated lately in Bihar election rallies as well on social media and main stream media.

To carry forward this propaganda today the same miscreants took a photo out of context from today’s parliament session to portray that Modi was sleeping. PM Modi alleged sleeping This was widely published and mocked on social media with #PMJetlag and IndiaTimes even carried a full article titled “PM caught sleeping” based on this picture and proclaimed that Modi was sleeping. Reality is that PM just looked down for a few seconds when HM Rajnath Singh was speaking which was established with the full video:

It will be very interesting to see what will be next hitjob by Congress on Modi to further damage his image. Lets wait and Watch.

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