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A letter to Aamir Khan

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Aamir Khan you were not expressing your fear but you were creating fear in masses. You have mentioned 1984 and said that it was disastrous. Its no where near to condemning but its only act of expressing grief. But yes you were right that two wrongs don’t make right. So,I will not question you on your silence all these years on these unrelated issues. But question you on issues that directly involve you.

Dear Aamir I ask you question.Were you really serious in your so called fear?A country that made you and your fellow khans superstar. Not a single incident of attack on any filmstar all these years by public or right wing elements. Even when you attacked the faith of majority community, there were only protests against your movies.(people in world are getting killed just for drawing cartoon). I think you live in safest country and even in it safest area.

But I can still tell you times when you should have actually feared. You should have feared in 1997 when Gulshan Kumar your co worker in industry was killed in broad day light under direction from “ABU SALEM AND DAWOOD ABRAHIM”.It was direct attack on bollywood fraternity. There is known secret of bollywood links with underworld. News that many from bollywood even attended dawood’s daughter wedding should had shaken you(if you yourself were not among those) but you remained silent on this whole underworld issue like it never existed.

Another time when you should had feared was when your co-star had been convicted by TADA court (1993 blasts) for keeping arms and ignorantly (as court hasn’t found evidence or more appropriately ignored the evidence,as responsible citizen I have to respect judgement and will not say knowingly) helping the terrorists.Hasn’t it shaken you Aamir? Working with terrorist aider? But on contrary you chose to make movie with him even after his proved conviction.

Another time when you should had feared was after 26/11, when terrorists attacked TAJ. Mumbai rail blasts and other blasts by “ISLAMIC TERRORISTS” were no reason for you to fear but 26/11 should had been,as they had reached an elite “TAJ HOTEL this time .It could had been you and your family there.I don’t know whether you launched any campaign against your “co-religionists” who kill in name of ISLAM.Have you tried to convey message to your community that ISLAM “permits” respect of faith of even “polytheists and idol worshipers”?Or more important question,do you even yourself believe that ISLAM permits respect of polytheistic religion?But may be even 26/11 failed to instill fear in you as even in these scenario you can easily recite “QURAN VERSES” and terrorists will give you safe passage(remember 26/11 and mali blasts).

You said that don’t connect terrorism to ISLAM, whereas you want to attribute isolated incidents spread over country to a ruling party. Hypocrisy or prejudice? I think you are aware that terrorists kill in name of ISLAM.I don’t know if QURAN says exactly what terrorists claim, but I know one thing that you never dismissed their version, apart from lip service that they are not Muslims, really? I think you don’t follow events that don’t have financial implications on you otherwise you would had feared on 30 July 2015 and would had raised voice against intolerance at that time only. I had not witnessed so much intolerance before, until that day. I agree intolerance has risen otherwise how could had it been possible that funeral of terrorist YAKOOB MENON had been attended by lakhs of Muslims. So much intolerance against their own country, own system, own judiciary? Ahh if only if you had spoken against that intolerance.

And there is reason that I am asking questions related to your religion because you have proved that religion is important to you than nation.You have never expressed fear to visit Saudi Arabia for HAJ,never said that you are considering to stop going to haj because of ‘rising extremism’ there.It means either you consider your religion over your nation(for religious pilgrimage you are happy to keep aside your fears) or you think SAUDI ARABIA is more tolerant than India.In both cases I will be happy if you leave India.

Some say backlash against you for your personal viewpoint have proven your fears.Is it so?Are you only one to have freedom of expression?Dont Raveena Tandon,Paresh Rawal and Anupam Kher also have a right of expression?One of the member from your tolerant bollywood brigade Shirish kundur even dragged Anupam’s wife for his personal remarks. I think freedom of expression is reserved for specific people with specific viewpoint.If one is not among those he is ” fascist”,”intolerant”,”communal”, “bhakt”.

But I am happy with people’s reaction this time. This time no one commented that you should go to pakistan (may be you would had loved it if someone said the same) but ironically on the other hand “I STAND WITH AMIR KHAN” is top trend in Pakistan. This time an innovative method of protest has been devised, non violent one.Striking where it hurt most, Finance.#AAPWAPSI and #BYOCOTTSNAPDEAL were among top twitter trends trending in India. People have urged snapdeal to remove you as brand ambassador or face boycott and to show their seriousness have uninstalled snapdeal app and pledged to boycott your all movies. I stand with them. I know this will have impact, because every-time you are in news it is just before your movie release.During narmada bachao protest it was FANNA and now its DANGAL. You think controversy is best method of promotion? No it is not. You will realise this time. Hope from next time you will not try to work against national interests for your petty selfish gains.

And just to remind you of intolerance. You wrote to PM Manmohan Singh in 2005 to not to grant US Visa(to give opinion to US against granting VISA to say precisely) to Narender Modi. So much intolerance for elected CM of your country?

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